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  1. pete lashmar

    Blake's 7

    Blake's 7, created by Terry Nation ran for 4 series/season between 1978 & 1981. It was the world's first space opera following a gang of rebels against the mighty, corrupt and evil Federation. On route for the prison plant Cygnus Alpha they escaped to an alien ship - The Liberator...then they...
  2. pete lashmar

    On The Inside - 40 years of Prisoner documentary

    Hi all, does anyone have any idea where and when this documentary will be released. You Tube have a sneak peak trailer, filmed in 2019 and there was a launch for it that is also on You Tube. At the end of the preview it states that no date has been announced for it's release, but there's no...
  3. pete lashmar

    Pam & the man from Atlantis.

    So we all know that Patrick starred in The Man From Atlantis and in one scene Pam mentions the show - does she not realise that her husband is the spitting image of him?
  4. pete lashmar

    Dallas Character The complexities of Cliff Barnes.

    Out of all the characters in Dallas, Cliff Barnes was probably the most complex and, in my opinion, probably the most important character in the show. Without Cliff J.R would have no nemesis, without Cliff Pam wouldn't have been torn between two families, without Cliff Sue Ellen may have been...
  5. pete lashmar

    That moment when....

    So, about the 20th time watching season 7 (DVD count) and enjoyed for the first 2 episodes, then...Sue Ellen decides that John Ross may need councilling. And THAT moment when I suddenly remember that Peter is about to enter...oh dear,fast forward button at hand! Are there characters and...
  6. pete lashmar

    Dallas Character Afton Cooper - the snake in the grass.

    Afton, in my opinion was a very nasty character, full of self interest and motivated by power and greed. But she also had the kiss of death. On arrival she sleeps with J.R, drugs Cliff to get J,R out of the revolution court case, she is then the one that tells cliff about a deal J.R is doing...
  7. pete lashmar

    Dallas Character The return of Mark Grayson.

    Assuming that John Beck returned to Dallas before the dream scenario had been thought up and decided, was Mark Grayson due to stay on Dallas and have Pam as his wife for the long term? Was it all so last minute that John was just dumped off the show when filming finished? That must have been...
  8. pete lashmar

    Dallas Couples The Letter & other plots that kept us waiting.

    At the time the separation of Bobby & Pam was devastating, but at the same time a brilliant soap plot. Watching the episodes on re-watch (AGAIN! - gotta love a lock down sometimes people) and it amazes me that this wasn't resolved quicker. Pam and Bobby never had an issue telling each other...
  9. pete lashmar

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    I'm getting the feeling that some kind of announcement about Dallas is imminent. First Ultimate Dallas tweeted that Warner Bros had posted a Dallas tweet after 4 years of silence, then Dallas Fanzine (on FB) posted the Dallas logo with a blurred image of Southfork behind but with no caption...
  10. pete lashmar

    Dallas News New DVD sets announced

    Dallas Fanzine are reporting the following - ***NEWS*** TIME LIFE have just released a #DALLAS Collectors Edition DVD set focusing on the early years of the TV series. Seasons 1-4 are available to buy plus a Deluxe edition featuring Seasons 1 - 6. Over three hours of NEW Bonus Features are...
  11. pete lashmar

    Would Dallas Have Been Different In The Digital Age?

    With access to the internet/social media that we have today do you think Dallas would have been any different? Fans would be able to react immediately to characters changing heads, being written out or plotlines and execs would be able to see this reaction. Would BBG have been replaced in the...
  12. pete lashmar

    What Was Jenna's Problem...?

    Watching season 6 (7 DVD) and I just don't understand Jenna's problem with saying who's Charlie's father. At this point (when the bough breaks) it's been a few episodes since we saw that bobby is named on the birth certificate and yet she continues to string everyone along. It really doesn't...
  13. pete lashmar

    Dallas - What/if...?

    During my current re-watch something occurred to me about the show. The battle for Ewing Oil after Jock's will had so many off-shooting storylines (Pam & Bobby's marriage break up, Sue Ellen's return to the booze, Mickey's ending up in hospital etc etc etc) - but what/if Jim Davis hadn't sadly...
  14. pete lashmar

    Netflix What/If

    Created by Mile Kelley (Revenge, Swingtown) and starring Renée Zellweger. I've now finished the season (10 episodes) and absolutely loved it. It's a very difficult series to describe without giving away spoilers but it has all the old soap tropes with lots of great characters and a good few...
  15. pete lashmar

    Years & Years (BBC UK)

    Russell T Davis's new drama aired last night on BBC1 and it really was an unexpectedly gripping new series. An amazing cast playing some really big characters with the backdrop of a very near future. There was some great comedy too, but the ending of episode one was truly unexpected - AVOID...
  16. pete lashmar

    The Final Season GoT: S8 E2 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

    Loved this episode and was great to have a lot of humour for a change. But with episode 3 just a week away I have a feeling that all the unions/reunions are very ominous. I wonder how many of our favourites survive next week!? Winter is most definitely here!
  17. pete lashmar


    The trailer is now out & looks amazing. Huge fan of the original TV series & Lynda La Plante so cannot wait for this - it looks amazing.
  18. pete lashmar

    New beginnings - New to Falcon Crest

    Having watched DALLAS over & over I recently decided to hunt down Falcon Crest and finally I seem to have all the episodes. I remember it being on in the UK in the afternoons but only ever saw it if I was off ill from school - but even back then I was a huge DALLAS fan, so always watched it...
  19. pete lashmar

    Is it time for Dallas - The glory years?

    Terrible title, but my point is that with Larry & others no longer being with us, and the TNT cast/characters not being very popular (in general) can we not go backwards before J.R. Bobby & Gary grew up? When Ewing Oil was flying high as Jock built the company up? I would imagine this would be...
  20. pete lashmar

    Dallas Character Wes Parmalee story with hindsight

    I remember (watching the episodes when they originally aired) when the Wes story started out (and previously with Ben Stivers in Season 9) there was a hugely negative reaction to the storyline. I hated it at the time - because I loved Ellie & Clayton together and the conflict between J.R &...