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  1. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Soapland Battles - The Result

    So here we are, we've reached battle 100 which marks the end of the Soapland battles. The final battle will be an opportunity to look back and vote on some of our favourite battles over the years. All the battles (except the first 5/6) can be found at the very top of this forum) for those who...
  2. Richard Channing

    'The Single-Handed Destruction of "Falcon Crest" by Kristian Alfonso's Pilar Ortega'

    Just came across this blog with an interesting essay on season 8 of Falcon Crest, specifically Melissa's exit and Pilar's introduction. His on views on Melissa's exit and how it was handled seem to echo how most fans feel about it...
  3. Richard Channing

    The Cinema Cartography : 'In Storytelling' videos

    I just watched these last night and they are really excellent. Taking an in depth look at how films use lighting, composition, colour and editing to tell their stories.
  4. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Male and Female Characters - The Result

    We have reached Soapland battle 98 which means there are only two left to go. This one is a double-barrel one as we will vote for our top 5 favourite male characters and top 5 female characters. Not easy to narrow down to 5 of each I know, but that's part of the challenge. And of course feel...
  5. Richard Channing

    Sarah Douglas on 'Falcon Crest' (Interview)

    Wonderful interview with the fabulous Sarah Douglas with lots of interesting stories about her time on the show.
  6. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Season Finales - The Result

    As the Soapland battles draw ever closer to their own season finale (only 4 more to go!) we bring our focus onto our favourite season finales. Often the most exciting episode of the whole season, a season finale is probably the most anticipated episode of the season, except for the fact that it...
  7. Richard Channing

    Jeffrey Epstein : Filthy Rich

    This premiered on Netflix today. I wonder how far it will go in calling out the many famous people who visited his island and partook in all that was going on there? Will probably start it tonight.
  8. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of Bribery and Blackmail - The Result

    If you're one of Soapland's more shady characters two of the best ways to get what you want were bribery and blackmail. If one doesn't work the other usually will. Whether you wanted to get someone out of town or get them to do your bidding, these two techniques were often just the nudge in the...
  9. Richard Channing

    Pun Fun

    I thought this might be something fun to liven up the Lounge a little as it's pretty quiet around here these days! (although technically I guess this might belong in the Play Games forums). This is an idea I got from a radio show here in Ireland. Everyday the presenter will pick a topic and...
  10. Richard Channing

    Members Chosen Theme Songs For The Times We Live In - The Result

    Willie and I got to talking and were both saying that we missed the nominations threads so we have decided to collaborate to get them going again while Ome is not around. I'll start the threads and Willie with be getting back to us with the results. If enough people are still interested you can...
  11. Richard Channing

    Life in the lockdown

    I guess the vast majority of us are in lockdown, staying home and social distancing. So how's it going? Are you climbing the walls or glad of the downtime? How are you getting on with those you're cohabiting with, or if you're alone, how is that going? What do you miss? What don't you miss...
  12. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Illnesses - The Result

    Even the residents of Soapland were not immune to the occasional illness or medical condition. So, which were your favourite storylines centering around an illness? Just to be clear about what will be included and what won't. Addictions or nervous breakdowns/mental illnesses won't be included...
  13. Richard Channing

    My Dynasty art

    As most of you will have noticed from my signatures and elsewhere I've made a fair bit of Dynasty art over the last few years. I have for the other soaps too but for some reason Dynasty, especially, but not only, Joan, seems to capture my imagination the most. Anyway, I've been going through...
  14. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Confessions - The Result

    This time we're going to focus on Soapland confessions. Those scenes where characters either confess to a crime or something else naughty they've been up to. Or even something they haven't been up to! False confessions are also permissible. But it does need to be confessing to an action, not...
  15. Richard Channing

    Joan Collins: I Know Where Dynasty Went Wrong

    Unfortunately she doesn't really go into it in any detail. Joan Collins: I know where Dynasty went wrong Joan Collins Joan Collins 22 February 2020 9:00 AM Recovering from a bad cold and bored to tears by the fare on television, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu (it’s shocking how much schlock...
  16. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The 'Caught In The Act' Moments - The Result

    It was hard to keep secrets or get away with much for long in Soapland, as the chances of you getting walked in on or overheard tended to be much higher than they would be anywhere else. Soap timing meant that getting caught red handed, or somehow synchronistically scuppered, was not only highly...
  17. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Friendships - The Result

    This time we are going to take a look at some of our most cherished friendships in Soapland. Good friends weren't always easy to come by in Soapland, but there were many characters who did share a special bond. The criteria for this round is that it's a friendship between two people who are not...
  18. Richard Channing

    Who would you axe? Alexis or Krystle?

    Season 3 has just ended with it's cabin fire cliffhanger. Due to budgetary reasons (or whatever) either Linda Evans or Joan Collins has to get the boot. As show runner you must decide which one is more integral to the show and it's future, and which one should get the chop. Who do you axe? And why?
  19. Richard Channing

    SoapLand - The Battle Of The Most Far-fetched Storylines - The Result

    As we all know soaps aren't always that realistic, and we wouldn't want them to be, but sometimes they pushed the boundaries of plausibility just that little bit too far. So this round we're looking for outlandish or ridiculous storylines where your willing suspension of disbelief was severely...
  20. Richard Channing

    "We Live in an Age of Dynasties"

    “WE LIVE IN AN AGE OF DYNASTIES” This article was originally published as part of the Bingewatch series. 11.5.2018 In retrospect, watching all nine seasons of the original Dynasty (ABC, 1981–89) was a strange choice. I was looking for something escapist, a wormhole to a parallel universe...