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  1. Luuro

    Cristal dying ruined the show

    Celia/Cristal was the best character on the show, she brought the show to another level that the show won't ever reach again until they bring her back or someone like her back. Fallon is clearly the main character of the show, I mean who can blame them, but who is she without someone like...
  2. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E18: Life Is A Masquerade Party

    I'm sure the main reason Liz was excited about stepping into the role of Alexis was so she'd be given the opportunity to do something besides talk about Culhane or Liam.
  3. Luuro

    S2E17 How Two-Faced Can You Get

    This show tries way too hard to be funny when it's the opposite of that. I can't believe they're still continuing with this despite the low ratings and nobody having a single good thing to say about any of these episodes.
  4. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E15: Motherly Overprotectiveness

    Jeff should bring back Celia to stop this current Cristal from ruining Atlanta with her scheming ways and her greed. I like that they didn't make her a literal replacement for Celia because honestly, I miss her and I'd love to see a war between of the two.
  5. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E13: Even Worms Can Procreate

    Fallon this entire season has been a gigantic blackhole of screentime. Even the Sammy Jo, Kirby, and Anders stupidity has bright spots but Fallon and her love life simply has no redeeming qualities. I skip through anything that involves her because everything involving her now is uninteresting...
  6. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S02E11 The Sight Of You

    Whoever made this show even remotely funny clearly jumped ship last season because this season keeps trying and failing.
  7. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S02E09 Crazy Lady (21st December)

    Manny better have a twin or something. They were such a good looking couple and the whole kidnapping thing wasn't even good enough for us to be losing Manny
  8. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S02E08 A Real Instinct for the Jugular

    Manny the Manny is mesmerizingly good looking. I don't recall the actor ever being this hot but good hair and a bit of a beard did him wonders and Blake didn't look so bad himself. I'm honestly rooting for Sammy and Manuel. If another Carrington has to lose their life to keep Manuel on my...
  9. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat Dynasty S2E05 "Queen of Cups"

    This felt more like an episode that should've followed last season's finale. I can't believe it took this long for all this drama to start. The love triangle feels like it's completely consumed Fallon's character, I'm just not a fan of it at all. Everyone else, besides Liam, are getting...
  10. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S204 Snowflakes In Hell

    This show is just trying to be heartwarming and nice or whatever. Everyone is simply too damn nice, it's not realistic at all. I can't believe they all basically forgave each other after miserable trip to Paraguay. The love triangle for Fallon is such a dud. The Van Kirks are a total bore and...
  11. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E03 The Butler Did It

    I really hope they don't try too hard to force this Liam and Fallon thing. Neither him or his family are all that interesting and it's a shame because I do like the actor's chemistry with Fallon but Culhane just feels like a better option overall. A rich man on a Dynasty show without any...
  12. Luuro

    Spoiler!!! Huge Season 2 Spoiler!!! Read At Own Risk!!!

    I hope this recasting works out because Ms. Kelley was excellent at certain things but it does make sense if they wanted to go in a different direction. Seems like a very risky move to be doing so early in a show though.
  13. Luuro

    Spoiler!!! Huge Season 2 Spoiler!!! Read At Own Risk!!!

    I hope this is just an a coma or faked death storyline. I feel like Nathalie is pulling some sort of stunt and she's be playing it for a while. How many times can someone tease and joke about her character being killed off without being on payroll? Most people would just move on or make one...
  14. Luuro

    Nathalie Kelley Interview

    Interesting that Nathalie is a fan of the eggplant emoji lol
  15. Luuro

    Nathalie Kelley Interview

    The interview was a really good read, Nathalie Kelley seems to be a very spiritual women which I like. She definitely speaks like Cristal isn't going anywhere. Blake gets your act together before you lose your wife!
  16. Luuro

    Sable Van Kirk?

    Melinda Clarke is definitely a yes from me.
  17. Luuro

    Who should play Dominique?

    I think my favorite for the role of Dominique is still Khandi Alexander. Her and Nicolette in a scene together would be magic.
  18. Luuro

    What happened to Matthew?

    I have a theory: Matthew is 100% dead but the Matthew Claudia originally saw in the psych ward and in the closet wasn't completely fake, it was another person manipulating Claudia to hurt the Carringtons. That person may also be the one who set the fire.
  19. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S1E22 Dead Scratch (The Season Finale)

    Although I preferred Fallon/Liam before the finale, I might be leaning towards Team Michael now. Michael saved the whole damn family and has done a good job helping Fallon develop as a character this entire season. The guy even ran upstairs to help Cristal and Alexis. Liam may be a...
  20. Luuro

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S1E21 Trashy Little Tramp

    I am a bit of a fan of Adina but all I've seen her in were genre shows involving Vampires and post-apocalyptic worlds. She's probably be the easiest actress for CW to hire since she's already worked for them multiple times and is still working for them.