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  1. ginnyfan

    Grace Kelly: From Hollywood to Royalty

    I love Tippi in both her Hitch movies but I can't help but think how amazing it would have been if Marnie's introduction scene was done with Kelly, as it was supposed to be, with her shot from her back in dark hair going from train station to her hotel room, finally revealing her face while...
  2. ginnyfan

    "Picnic at Hanging Rock"

    I love it!!! The off beat music, the haunting atmosphere, the mysterious goings-on and the beautiful visuals make this one a very special, unique movie. The main girl casting is also great, she has an interesting look, could be both an innocent victim or a evil villain.
  3. ginnyfan

    Ida Lupino: Great & Multi-Talented

    I like Ida Lupino, even though she was never one of my favorites. I always knew about her and have seen many of her movies since she was at Warners in 1940s and starred with many of their male stars in well known movies that used to air a lot on TCM Europe. Her big break came in They Drive by...
  4. ginnyfan

    Bette Davis vs. Joan Crawford

    Well, Joan's 50s look is certainly unique and striking, there's no doubt about that. In a way, I do believe it was all a well planned effort to make her look strong, tough and even menacing. That's what she had to be in order to keep on reinventing herself and pushing her career forward. For me...
  5. ginnyfan

    Greer Garson Appreciation Thread

    Greer Garson is one of my favorites, especially from the 1940s. I'm not sure what exactly is it about her. She's the total opposite of bitchy divas like Joan and Bette that are my usual favorites. I guess it's that quality of a great British lady, a kind, gentle motherly figure. Mrs Miniver...
  6. ginnyfan

    Faye Dunaway to write a book about "Mommie Dearest"!

    Maybe they can get Jessica Lange to do Faye.:bump:
  7. ginnyfan

    The Lana Turner Thread

    It's Lana day on TCM today!
  8. ginnyfan

    The Great Vivien Leigh

    When talking about great Vivien Leigh performances, please lets not forget Waterloo Bridge (1940), which is one of my favorite romantic movies ever. It's an absolute classic and I urge those who haven't seen it, to do so. Vivien gives a tender, delicate performance as an English ballerina in...
  9. ginnyfan

    Joan, Christina, & Mommie Dearest

    Like with most things that tend to have 2 extreme sides to them, the truth must be somewhere in the middle. I believe most of the things Christina claims but it doesn't really affect my view of Joan, her career and even her life. She had issues, like most in Hollywood, and was a bad mother, like...
  10. ginnyfan

    The Lucy Thread: AKA Lucille Ball on Film

    There are many highlights in that movie, but my favorite is Desi trying to park the car and the trailer at Lucy's cousins house. It never gets old! :clap: Filmed on MGM's magical Meet Me in St. Louis street on Lot 3.
  11. ginnyfan

    The Lucy Thread: AKA Lucille Ball on Film

    I haven't seen Lucy's Mame but I've heard about its notoriety. I'm not a big fan of the original Mame either, Rosalind Russell is even more over the top than usual and the whole thing is an overlong apartment dress up show that I don't find particularly funny or interesting. But I seem to be in...
  12. ginnyfan

    Rita Hayworth: The Pin-Up Queen

    From what I've read and watched in documentaries about her, Rita made some terrible relationship choices after her marriage to Prince Aly Khan ended. She dated jerks who used and abused her, wasted her money and damaged her public profile and career. After her brief early 50s successful return...
  13. ginnyfan

    Rita Hayworth: The Pin-Up Queen

    It's her day on TCM's Summer Under The Stars today. Tune in! I just came from Garbo thread where I waxed lyrically about how photogenic she was and how she created magic on camera. Well if anything compares to that, it's Rita Hayworth in Gilda. The woman just glows and looks absolutely stunning...
  14. ginnyfan

    Garbo: The Greatest Money-Maker on the Screen

    As already stated, Garbo is the prime example of a movie star with all the classic Hollywood, black and white magic epithets. No one photographed like her, that's a fact. She didn't even have to be a good actress (and she was very good), she could just stand there and be filmed and create movie...
  15. ginnyfan

    The Sizzling Jane Russell

    I'm glad you touched upon that because I wanted to comment about it but didn't want to be rude. I personally find Jane to look somehow vulgar and just bad in that Gentlemen Prefer Blonds courtroom scene and it always surprises me just what a change that blonde wig makes on her. I mean, don't get...
  16. ginnyfan

    All-Star Movies

    I do love Grand Hotel but I guess I prefer Dinner because it's just so damn funny and sophisticated and perfect in every way. Marie Dressler shines and is a joy to watch ,especially in her scenes with Lionel Barrymore. In many scenes they provide acting lessons on how to go from comedy to drama...
  17. ginnyfan

    The Lana Turner Thread

    I guess I qualify as a Lana fan since by my count, I've seen around 20 of her movies. Since MGM is my favorite studio, of course I have to be familiar with one of its leading, most successful ladies. As already established, Lana was never among the best actresses but was able to produce ok...
  18. ginnyfan

    All-Star Movies

    I prefer Dinner at Eight (1933). MGM had so many stars that many of their movies had all star casts, even when that was not the initial intention l. upload foto png
  19. ginnyfan

    Norma Shearer: The First Lady of MGM

    Norma gets a lot of slack for keeping her silent acting mannerism even after the era was long gone, but I don't really mind it. If anything, it gave her something unique and special and very often it worked well in her movies. She also gets a lot of slack for ''sleeping with the boss'' and...
  20. ginnyfan

    "Hag Horrors"

    ^^^I adore Lizzie!!!