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    Emmerdale ITV3 repeats

    You really did. It's probably one of the great storylines of the show, plotted out over 2 years, a beginning, middle and definite end, lots of twists and turns. And Dave was so ordinary, so country, so Yorkshire, so Emmerdale - it was never going to end well once he gone mixed up with a rich...
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    Emmerdale ITV3 repeats

    You've missed out on the best! The 1995, 1996 episodes was where all the soap fun was at. After the exits of Nellie and Tina, the Dingles are now into their broad comedy phase and won't regain any grit until Cain and Charity rock up.
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    Dallas Actors As Sue Ellen turns 80- Happy Birthday for 12 September, beautiful Linda Gray!!!

    Hell. Sue Ellen turns 80 the same week as Mack MacKenzie dies at 77 - time does indeed march on.
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    EastEnders EastEnders

    I enjoyed the pacing of last night's episode, I wouldn't mind EE sticking with this shorter run time indefinitely.
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    Classic Soaps (I'm Still) Watching Another World

    It's quite a...revealing portrayal of Rachel!
  6. Canon

    Classic Soaps (I'm Still) Watching Another World

    Did Carl paint that? :oops:
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    Would you watch it from the start, if you could?

    I would love to see all of the 60s and 70s in full. Preferably a rerun on tv so I can record and keep.
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    TV Top Ten Animated Series, <15 min.

    I won't be including any of the Australian and English soaps so it's USA all the way... 1. Another World - I loved the trip I took to Bay City a few years ago. You just haven't experienced soap until you've seen Anne Heche play twins. I definitely plan on spending some time there during the...
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    Last TV show you watched?

    The Americans S1 E01-E03 How did it pass me by?
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    Bette Midler backtracks after being branded 'racist'.

    I want to say I have a soft spot for Melania and I want to blame The Good Fight for feeling this way.
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    What titles are in your Netflix/Amazon etc list?

    Anderson was the best thing about The Fall, I thought they could have got multiple seasons out of the idea of her character moving from the Met to the PSNI. The model serial killer story had its limits.
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    Everything Blondie

    I haven't been able to get it and that scene out of my mind for the last few months. It's a shame there hasn't been a proper release, free of spoilerish dialogue. I fear I've ruined the payoff to the show for you though, only bad things happen when I venture into the music forum... I may as...
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    Everything Blondie

  14. Canon

    Everything Blondie

    There's a song I wanted to share (I don't see it on your playlist) that Blondie covered for the final scene of a recent tv series, the only version on YT includes dialogue from that scene so it might be a bit spoilerish as you might someday watch that show. I'm not going to name the show as even...
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    Emerald Point N.A.S. (1983-84)

    Dream Team was great, it did become increasingly bonkers as it went on but I don't think it was ever as silly and empty as Footballer's Wives. I think it helped that its early seasons had been grounded, instead of the rich players of the main team, the show focused more on the young players of...
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    Emmerdale ITV3 repeats

    Has the skipped episode been made available on the ITV Hub?
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    Home and Away “Welcome to Summer Bay”: Rewatching the early years.

    Darn, I thought I had an exclusive! Yes, it will be interesting for me to go back and see the original Alf and Roo story now. It is! It's been nicely done though, both actors work very well together and have made it as believable as such a story as this could ever be. I only ever caught...
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    Home and Away “Welcome to Summer Bay”: Rewatching the early years.

    Sorry to drag the thread down but after glancing at some of Mel's early posts that mention Alf (I look forward to reading it properly when I eventually get to re-watch early H&A - fingers crossed for that second wave!), I thought it might be fun and of interest to those watching the early...
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    Emmerdale Actress Paula Tilbrook passes away

    She was wonderful. The current rerun of classic episodes on ITV3 show just how easily she slotted into the show, within a few episodes it was like she had always been there. An effortlessly brilliant comic actress, the writers obviously took great joy in writing for her. It was always a joy to...
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    What titles are in your Netflix/Amazon etc list?

    And Fire Walk With Me seems to get better and better on every re-watch. There's always something new to take from it. I'm sure the same will be true of The Return on repeat views. The original series maybe not so much.