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  1. JeffUSA


    I agree, especially given the popularity of department store/mall culture of the 1980s. Everyone went to department stores and shopping malls...all the time. It wasn't just about the shopping, it was almost a lifestyle. And a show like this should have glamourized it. Unfortunately, nothing...
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    After posting the new Berrenger's thread, I found this existing one. My apologies for not looking first.
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    If my memory serves me correctly, I think "Berrenger's" was NBC's last attempt at an 80s primetime soap. It aired on Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. (this was not yet the dead zone that it would become on US television), and it seems like it was pretty much DOA. I watched it every week during it's...
  4. JeffUSA

    Flamingo Road Why didn't this show succeed?

    Unfortunately, it looks like the episodes have been pulled off YouTube again. Hopefully they'll reappear at some point. I watched the entire series when it originally aired in the 80s, and I was rewatching them on YouTube but I didn't get all the way through them.
  5. JeffUSA

    Flamingo Road Lute Mae's car

    It was a modified Cadillac Seville. The original was never a convertible and didn't feature the spare tires on the front fenders.
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    The Prime Time Soaps That Never Happened

    I know this thread is about primetime soaps that never materialized, but it got me thinking about soaps from the 80s and I was reminded of a late-night soap that CBS attempted on Friday nights in the early part of the decade called "Behind The Screen." It was created by David Jacobs and starred...
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    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E20: New Lady In Town

    I'm not surprised, but Dominique's arrival was a complete letdown from the moment she threw her arms in the air and proclaimed, "Mama's home" or whatever she said. It felt like a repeat of the absurd entrance of the Alexis character. And I completely agree with her character being a rehash of...
  8. JeffUSA

    Why don’t you go lay down Krystle?

    I NEVER thought that they waited until marriage to have sex. Two mature adults, both having been married only seems natural that they would have been intimate prior to their wedding. However, I have always been curious about their relationship prior to what we see at the beginning...
  9. JeffUSA

    Jon Erik Hexum as Dex?

    It's interesting that you say that because The Yellow Rose was probably the one primetime soap that I just couldn't get into (I watched it because it was a soap) and it was the show that I was the least upset about when it was cancelled. At the time, I may have been too mesmerized the glamour of...
  10. JeffUSA

    Jon Erik Hexum as Dex?

    Yes, I watched it when it originally aired and at the time I loved it, but I was like 14 and I was obssesed with pretty much every primetime soap opera. I have the last episode or two on a VHS tape stored away but haven't had a VCR in many years. I'm not sure that the series would hold up well...
  11. JeffUSA

    Jon Erik Hexum as Dex?

    Michael Nader was a better choice than Jon-Erik, in my opinion. Jon-Erik seemed much too young. However, Jennifer O'Neill would have made a much better Lady Ashley. I always wanted her to be cast in one of the primetime soaps after her role in Bare Essence. And she's been married nine times...
  12. JeffUSA

    The Prime Time Soaps That Never Happened

    This movie/pilot is very familiar to me. I must have watched it when it aired. While watching the opening credits, it made me think of the Bare Essence spinoff series and the NBC remake of Dark Shadows, both shows having used the same mansion (the Greystone Mansion) as the one in this show...
  13. JeffUSA

    The New Dominique

    I think she looks FABULOUS in these photos! This casting could be brilliant. I just hope they write well for her (not sure I have much faith in that area).
  14. JeffUSA

    The New Dominique

    That's the kind of entrance I'd love to see them recreate! But they'd probably ruin it by having her say something stupid like,"traffic was a bitch."
  15. JeffUSA

    Do you ever have any TV series music in your head...?

    Prior to Dynasty's premiere in 1981 and throughout season 1, all of the promos that ran on ABC featured this particular music that has remained stuck in my mind for decades. I'm not sure what it is but it must be a piece of stock music because I've heard it used in other promos for shows and...
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    Cristal vs Dominique?

    I was hoping to see a recreation of Alexis and Dominique's original first scene, including Meredith Markworth-Pollack's reinterpretation of Dominique's caped outfit.
  17. JeffUSA

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E15: Motherly Overprotectiveness

    Adam's kidnapped name was Michael Gordon Harrison. Do you suppose that was a nod to Gordon Thompson? Also, the ending made me gasp (literally) for a second week in a row. Still a bit shocked. Does this mean the facial reconstruction/plastic surgery story is being transferred to Alexis from...
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    The New Dominique
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    Those Fabulous Miniseries

    It's been decades since I've seen it but the first favorite mini-series from the 80s that I watched was Scruples. Why this never made it to series during that time (or even back in 2012 when they attempted another pilot) is beyond me.
  20. JeffUSA

    Could they twist the season 2 concept from Original Dynasty around?

    Divine! This scene never gets old. One of my favorites from the entire series.