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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

    Who knows? Conventions are maintained until someone breaks them. The Republicans could simply have voted against Obama's nominee. Instead they made up a whole new rule which they're now reversing.
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    "Next Friday"

    I would say "on Friday"; that to me would be the next Friday which would be this Friday. But if someone said to me "next Friday" I would ask them to clarify because that would be ambiguous.
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    Discovery Season 3

    Now that I have a web TV box, I'm considering signing up for Netflix for the duration of season 3 and watching all three seasons in that time. Contrary to my usual disposition against prequels, I'm also fairly excited by Strange New Worlds. I understand that Pike is aware of his fate, meaning...
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    Recycling Services

    That's illegal here now. We used to have regular kerbside pickups of "hard" waste but they discontinued that as an eyesore and now one has to book a special collection. The result is that instead of all households disposing of their items at once, there could be one or two piles out at any time...
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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

    A fight would be a pointless distraction. The Republicans have the legal right and the numbers. But their hypocrisy is breathtaking.
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    I didn't mind the show but it's always a tough ask to base a show around the annoying or unlikable character without toning them down until they're not really the same character any more.
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    Sad news: Kevin Dobson has Passed Away

    Infamous perhaps?
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    Gilligan's Island

    A lot of those last three season episodes were colour remakes of black and white episodes for the syndication market. If they'd known that colourisation was going to be invented they might not have bothered.
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    That Girl

    I had never seen That Girl until one of our channels suddenly reran the whole thing. To me, a brand-new 60s show! Very enjoyable as a revisit to the era and also interesting as I had been very fond of her father Danny's eponymous show. In fact, he cameos as a priest in one episode and of course...
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    Link the Artist or the Song

    To "Don't Call On Me" ~ The Monkees
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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

    You're right. The usual term is "inaugurated" I believe. A jurist would be expected to be as stickler for such things. As for "new", it's obviously too much to expect impartiality in these hyperpartisan times.
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    Hello everyone

    I'd grown up watching I Dream of Jeannie and so initially watched Dallas because Larry Hagman was in it but it wasn't long before I was hooked on the ongoing drama and intrigue.
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    Recycling Services

    That and the plastic on "window" envelopes. I've seen nothing to direct what is to be done with them either.
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    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dead at 87

    Is he even attempting to justify it? Or is it just a given that nobody sticks to their word anymore? Well, there is a three-month gap between the election and the swearing-in. Technically, a president-elect can't appoint anyone.
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    Hello everyone

    Yes, welcome. I lurked for a while before joining, too. But there isn't anyone here who's too scary. ;)
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    Family Affair (1966─1971)

    Unlike Gilligan's Island, this wasn't repeated ad infinitum but I did catch up with it when a number of shows got a second airing with the advent of colour TV. I think I'd already seen Brian Keith in The Little People by then but now I see that they were really trying to recapture the spirit of...
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    Gilligan's Island

    I wouldn't say I'm a fan, exactly. That would imply some active thought on my part. But it was one of those shows that was on endless rotation in the after-school time slot as I was growing up and as a result I can still quote passages of dialogue that still seem hilarious.
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    Mary Tyler Moore Show and Its Spin-Offs

    I've wondered that myself. I call it "The ... Show" because that's how it was always said but I've got to think that the proper title was what was on the screen.
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    The Corona Virus

    We are having a constant war of words between our Prime Minister who wants to open up the country, and the state Premiers who are each concerned about the keeping their respective borders secure. The PM of course has rightly closed our international borders but sees no hypocrisy in attempting to...
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    Same Title - Different Song

    Remember John Lennon Micky Dolenz