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  1. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas Crest

    TY Sarah. It is hard to believe I first began posting here in 2001 when I was 13 - 19 years ago. You were here then. I still come in once in a while but do not post as much. I am fully all right with this going on the script corner.
  2. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas Crest

    Hi there. It's been a long time since I posted, but I got the gumption to post. I have been rewatching Falcon Crest and came to the opinion that its opening plot is better than the one of Dallas. I think I posted these ideas on the forum years ago, but here they are: It's evening out near the...
  3. Ray_Krebbs

    Top Stars on Dallas

    If you could pick any top-billing stars who could have appeared on Dallas, who would have been your choices? One who comes to mind is Carrie Fisher as a new love interest for Bobby after Pam's departure.
  4. Ray_Krebbs

    Lost Mini-Series Opening

    It seems to have inspired the final version of the credits from the last two seasons and films
  5. Ray_Krebbs

    Happy Forty Second Anniversary to Dallas

    Happy 42 to the best show of all time. I recently obtained my great-grandfather's birth record from the Orthodox church in Poland. He was born April 2, 1878. I did not know his birthday until I got the documents. I also realized Dallas premiered on what would have been his 100th.
  6. Ray_Krebbs

    What Type Of Dallas Series Do You Want To See Now?

    I think it would be great to have Molly Hagen, David Marshall Grant Dale Midkiff, and anyone else from the Early Years to do flashbacks in a prequel or sequel as one suggested. Maybe they could even play the characters in a remake.
  7. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    I think Lucy should be changed to J.R.'s daughter from his ex-wife Val, who he ran out of Texas for sleeping with his brother Gary. Lucy views Sue Ellen as the wicked stepmother.
  8. Ray_Krebbs

    What Type Of Dallas Series Do You Want To See Now?

    With the thread above hinting at possible good news, what are your ideas for a new show? A continuation could take place in the present. The events of the past few years could be explained. Christopher's ghost could appear to comfort Bobby, who's still grieving his loss. Perhaps the ghost of...
  9. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas News Is there 'an announcement' imminent..?

    New series or reboot, I'm hoping! I have so many ideas for both that I have posted in the past.
  10. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas and Petrochelli Coincidences!

    Dallas should have gotten Barry Newman to play Andrew Dowling or another character to whisk Donna to DC.
  11. Ray_Krebbs

    Which Dallas Character Did You Find Most Likable?

    My favorite characters were Ray and April, as I have posted many times over the years. Ray reminded me a lot of myself, and I could see us being good buds. I could also empathize with April of all the women. I think she came from a rough background, and it was hinted life with her father was not...
  12. Ray_Krebbs

    Why not another spin off?

    My ideal spin-off would have been a political drama beginning in 1987. It focuses on Donna's life in D.C. I liked Donna and Ray better apart and would like to see a show about her making it without him. Donna and Andrew do marry, but it does not last. Donna eventually finds true love in another...
  13. Ray_Krebbs

    The perfect Pam for a reboot

    I was actually thinking of this with Victoria Pedretti from Season Two of You and House on Haunted Hill.
  14. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas Crest

    Falcon Crest's young girl was the youngest daughter of the family Emma, but she was mentally ill and quite mild unlike Lucy.
  15. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas Crest

    A thought came to mind this morning. What if Dallas had been created with a premise like the equally brilliant Falcon Crest? This is what came to mind: Feeble minded Lucy and her boyfriend Kit are running around the stable at night. A drunk Garrison emerges and confronts them inside. He...
  16. Ray_Krebbs

    Shades of Dallas in 80s Emmerdale & Eastenders

    I think Leslie Grantham would have made a great Don Lockwood.
  17. Ray_Krebbs

    Writers You Wanted for Dallas

    What writers did you want to to scribe for Dallas? I think Earl Hammer would have been an interesting choice. He was the creator of Falcon Crest, which I consider to be equal in quality to Dallas. How about Agnes Nixon who created many of ABC's daytime soaps in the 60s and 70s? She was very good...
  18. Ray_Krebbs

    If Dallas Had an Alexis

    Let's say this show decided to give J.R. his equal in the form of a female, how would you have proceeded? I would have started the show with Lucy being his daughter, and he had his first wife Valene banished for her own infidelities. Val could have appeared at a later time to raise hell. I would...
  19. Ray_Krebbs

    Dallas the Animated Series

    I read Disney is going to reboot the Alien franchise. I know I am changing my own thread, but what if the Dallas brand were to be purchased by Disney? They have really gone all out with Star Wars, numerous series including animated, films, etc. Could they do justice to our Dallas?