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  1. Bill Dilks


    Does anyone have an email for contact? This useful site is down more than it is up. If possible, I would like to know who can be contacted about getting the site up when it drops. If not, or the site admins lost interest, not much can be done. But I'd like to back-up the plot synopsis pages...
  2. Bill Dilks

    Thread Saving

    Is there a way to save individual threads? Due to recent down-time concerns, I would be unhappy if all of the location info we've discussed disappeared. Can a thread be off-loaded or copied in it's entirety? I can copy individual pages to a word doc, but is there a better way?
  3. Bill Dilks

    People, Production, Writing That Took Away From "that Could Really Happen"

    Dallas Reality Checks... First, for years there has been the feeling of everyone living in the same house it not realistic. But remember, back then, SF was considered a sizable home. And a Texan ties to a ranch is personal. So, tho' it's a stretch, to me it's still within the realm of...
  4. Bill Dilks

    A&Q - Who Said What? Answer, Then Post Your Line

    "Well if that don't tear the rag off the bush!"
  5. Bill Dilks


    Hi...I'm back after a long hiatus. I finally found the apartment complexes used by Julie Gray and Leanne Reese (Amber) from the first full season (called the 2nd dvd season). First I found Leanne Reese's apt, the gal who Pam moved in before moving back to S/F. I figured this might be around...