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  1. hatayas

    What was the last film you watched?

    Ive just finished watching "The King of Staten Island". What a movie! So powerful. The movie made me laugh becase Pete Davidson is funny and I also cried because of the 9/11 reference. I strongly recommend.
  2. hatayas

    What was your biggest Knots dream come true?

    Last year I traveled to the States for the first time. We drove from St. Augustine to Savannah, and I told my husband that we have to take road A1A which runs along the Atlantic Ocean and to stop at one of the beaches. And though it has never been my dream to "see the ocean" I did this because...
  3. hatayas

    Songs that are not relevant during the coronavirus outbreak

    I saw the parody someone made to the Beatles' I Want to Hold Your Hands and thought to create a thread of songs that center around activities that are inapplicable during time of social distancing and isolation. You can post songs about social gathering, parties, touching another person or...
  4. hatayas

    What Would Abby and Karen do?

    Karen would probably cook endlessly while complaining that the management of the current pandemic is not what it used to be..
  5. hatayas

    Your favourite new discovery this week?

    I havent really liked Israel's enries to the Eurovision since 1992. But this year the song is my new favorite. Apart from the fun rhythm and beat, the song celebrates not only pluralism and cultural diversity in Israel, but also the cultural heritage of the singer who belongs to a minority...
  6. hatayas

    50 positive news stories from 2019

    Thats great! Thank you for sharing.
  7. hatayas

    Keep a Word...Delete a Word

    Size Matters
  8. hatayas


    Thank you for the info. Has the season been aired already? Ive been waiting for ages for it:confuse:
  9. hatayas

    Favourite female fragrances?

    My favorite perfume is Stella by Stella Mccartney. But it's sometimes impossible to get it where I live I mostly use the white Bulgary which has a very lovely scent
  10. hatayas

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Sadly, Israel is as safe as anywhere else in the world these days..
  11. hatayas

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Not an April fool's joke.. Madonna is expected to perform in the Eurovision final. She will receive, according to various reports 1.3 million dollars for her performance. That would make watching the Eurovision even more enjoyable than before. Though I must admit, I have not watched it in the...
  12. hatayas

    Spotted: Supporting Actors in Other Roles

    Just spotted Lorenzo Caccialanza (Nick), as one of the doctors' father in Grey's Anatomy... I still cant believe I recognized him.:)
  13. hatayas

    What are you making for dinner tonight?

    More than usual because I'm fasting tomorrow: Chicken soup with noodles White rice Chicken breasts Peas Salad Apple pie
  14. hatayas

    Ideological America films

    What is in your opinion the best Ideological American film? I think "Thelma and Louise" because of the movie introduced a new female perpective to what can easily be considered as a "Western" film.
  15. hatayas

    What was the last book you read?

    I have just finished reading four of Toni Morrison's novels. The Bluest Eye Beloved Jazz Paradise I have started reading A Mercy. I recommend each and every one of them. Such a wonderful writer!
  16. hatayas

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Wow! I have never heard such a hateful and false account on the establishment of the state of Israel! How exactly was it stolen? There were Jews living in the land of Israel during the British Mandate just as there were Muslims. You're ignoring the Jewish historical connection to the land and...
  17. hatayas

    Spotted: Supporting Actors in Other Roles

    Here's the clip
  18. hatayas

    Spotted: Supporting Actors in Other Roles

    Okay, I wonder if anyone else has ever noticed it or knows something about it, for I don't recall anyone mentioning it. I've watched Home Alone 2 a few weeks ago and there was the part where Kevin was watching an old movie where the man talks to a lady then later on shoots her. I'm almost...
  19. hatayas

    Happy birthday James from London!

    Happy Birthday :card:
  20. hatayas

    I think I got a job today

    Congratulation!!! :jolly: I'm sure you'll make a terrific teacher :) Good luck