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  1. Mel O'Drama

    Lady Killers/Ladykillers (1980 Granada series)

    Not to be mistaken for the Ealing comedy. But try telling that to search engines. As far as I can it's one show with two series, two different premises and two subtly different titles to reflect the change in premise. The subjects of the first series are women who kill (Lady Killers, if...
  2. Mel O'Drama

    The day Brexit hit boiling point: One Year Later

    Programme going to air tonight at 20:00 on R4. And the feature article is a nice read:
  3. Mel O'Drama

    Bed Of Roses

    Not a soap per se. But it is Australian, and Prisoner's Lynn Warner (or Elena, Duchess Of Branagh, if you prefer) is in the centre of things - supported by Cheryl Stark from Neighbours and Mrs Poletti from A Place To Call Home. Which perhaps makes if of interest enough to post in here. It...
  4. Mel O'Drama

    Your avatar stories

    A picture may speak a thousand words. But sometimes curiosity about a member's avatar demands a little more. Here's a space to tell us about the iconic image you've chosen to be your "forum face". Or to ask other members about theirs. Do you like our new, circular avvys? And has it...
  5. Mel O'Drama

    Nifty new features

    With so many functions that are new or different from what we're used to on the old site, here's a place to share, explore and celebrate some of our whizzy new features. Some you'll have found. Some you may not. And chances are you might find something that we haven't. So do let us know if you...
  6. Mel O'Drama

    "Some obligations can't be passed on": Watching A Place To Call Home

    Preface Rather than post in the existing thread, I thought I’d start a new one so I can stay spoiler-free during this first watch. Bevan Lee’s name came up several times while rewatching Sons and Daughters. During my recent rewatch of the first 200 episodes of Home and Away, his episodes...
  7. Mel O'Drama

    "I don't give a damn": The Shirley Bassey Thread

    Burly Chassis would have been my first choice for a thread title, but apparently there is now a rock group that's taken the Spoonerism as their name. My fondness for DSB is a constant, though my enthusiasm waxes and wanes. Since I'm feeling enthused at the moment, I thought this was a good...
  8. Mel O'Drama

    Reaction videos

    Anyone enjoy these? I've found myself watching some reaction videos at bedtime a few times recently and find them oddly compelling. It's hugely satisfying to watch someone discovering artists and tracks that are special to me. A few recent favourites of mine: This guy is very endearing and...
  9. Mel O'Drama

    Mid-season finales

    Mid-season finales are a trend that became popular in the Noughties - well after Dallas had ended its original run. But it could be argued that the concept wasn't totally absent from Dallas and its peers. In early 1985, during a bidding war between two rival UK channels, Dallas was pulled off...
  10. Mel O'Drama

    “Not exactly Raffles, is it?”: Watching Tenko

    Private Lives meets Prisoner Cell Block H meets It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum with a bit of Lost and The Sullivans for good measure. Series One Parts One to Three I watched some of this when I was young, but remember nothing other than a few specific scenes. And I discovered one...
  11. Mel O'Drama

    Peyton Place Michael Crawford: "I'm in quite a few episodes of Peyton Place"

    Frank Spencer talks to Larry Grayson about getting dressed in Peyton Place while working with Barbra Streisand. I watched this late last night and woke up this morning convinced it was some wacky dream. But no. PP reference starts at 2 min 10 sec:
  12. Mel O'Drama

    Joan Quinn Profiles: John Pleshette

    A nice chatty 2009 interview. Not a mention of Knots, but he talks a great deal about his theatrical career from off-Broadway with Pacino through to Ayckbourn. Gentlemen Broncos and that thong episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm also get an outing. John's segment runs from 14:40 through to the end.
  13. Mel O'Drama

    Woman hatches ducklings from Waitrose eggs

    Now I feel a tad guilty for not being vegan.
  14. Mel O'Drama

    Dallas: Canon, Fanon and Headcanon

    Caveat: this thread contains wormholes to parallel universes, alternative realities, a possible multiverse and even Knots Landing. Don't say you weren't warned. Intrigued by little nuggets of information that some Dallas fans haven't watched Knots Landing (and vice versa), I'd originally...
  15. Mel O'Drama

    A House Through Time

    Has anyone been watching this fascinating series? Series Three is now three quarters of the way through its four parts. The timing is quite uncanny. With the toppling of Colston's statue in Bristol last week, the house's connections to Bristol's slave trade have a currency and Episode One was...
  16. Mel O'Drama


    This used to be a Saturday evening staple for me (I'm guessing it would be repeats during the Eighties). My main reason for revisiting was to get a peek at the backdrop, since I'm familiar with the locale. It's fun to see how much the cityscape has changed from the neglect that many UK cities...
  17. Mel O'Drama

    Pressure on Cummings to quit over lockdown breach

    While displaying symptoms of Covid-19, he and his family travelled 264 miles from London to Durham so his parents could provide childcare.
  18. Mel O'Drama

    Fun little Wizard Of Oz trick

    Here's a fun little gimmick someone just told me about that's good for whiling away a spare twenty seconds. Type "The Wizard Of Oz" into Google Click on the sparkly ruby slippers that appear (depending what device you use they'll either be at the top of the page or on the right) Something...
  19. Mel O'Drama

    'Ken! Do something!': Corrie's 60th anniversary stamps
  20. Mel O'Drama

    Jill Gascoine has died

    Aged 83. The Gentle Touch was appointment TV for me in the early Eighties*, and a rewatch the best part of a decade ago proved it has stood the test of time incredibly well. Jill's part...