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  1. micmic

    What was your biggest Knots dream come true?

    Was it visiting the cul-de-sac? Meeting an actor? Watching the show again?
  2. micmic

    Dynasty & the Davis family

    Was dynasty really (loosely) based on the Davis family? I had this random argument with a friend where he was saying how stupid dynasty’s background was. He was saying there’s no oil in Denver and no rich people would live there etc. I was mentioning I saw the carousel ball featured on the...
  3. micmic

    Happy holidays from the cul de sac

  4. micmic

    Don Murray’s 90th Birthday Celebration

    Great show produced for Don by his friends. And attended by the second mrs. fairgate and the first mrs. sumner ;) as well as his twin peaks cast mates and extended family.
  5. micmic

    If You're In La Tonight ...

  6. micmic

    Knots relatives

    Just discovered Don Murray's son appeared on one of the early episodes of knots. Was wondering which other relatives appeared and which roles ? These are the ones I can think of: 1. Joan van ark's daughter vannesa - young Val 2. William devane's son Josh - young Greg 3. Michele Lee's son David...
  7. micmic

    Returning characters / same actors

    Besides Abby and Diana (and some would say Val), were there any other characters that left and came back after a while AND portrayed by the same original actor?
  8. micmic

    CBS Watch - 40 Years (new article)

  9. micmic

    Xmas in the cul de sac

  10. micmic

    Was there any Knots Landing merchandise?

    Just read an article on how Dallas had tons of memorabillia products like shampoo, after shave , ewing gold buckle etc, not to mention the JR burbon and I'm sure some action figures . I was wondering if Knots Landing had any similar merchendise back in the day, besides the books and misc...
  11. micmic

    Donna mills new project

    Filming now in LB (Not there, just saw it on FB ... )
  12. micmic

    Filming Locations

    1761 Potrero Road, Hidden Valley, Thousand Oaks, California, USA (exteriors: Galveston Ranch) 1801 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA (establishing shots: Mack's office) 400 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California, USA (establishing shots: Sumner Group) Adamson...
  13. micmic

    Meet Chris Lemmon - NYC this Sunday He played Karen's stalker.
  14. micmic

    Don Murray - screening + Q&A tonight
  15. micmic

    Are there any pics or videos from the luncheon today?

    Just wondering..
  16. micmic

    Why did they get rid of Nick Toscani

    Watching dynasty for pretty much the first time. I was wondering if anyone knew why they got rid of the Nick Tosacni character? Was the character unpopular or was it related to James farentino himself?
  17. micmic

    Nicolette at the Hollywood FAME awards

    This took place tonight in Hollywood. Very bad light but Nicolette was super sweet and looked absolutely stunning
  18. micmic

    Lotus Point / Oregon

    I'm going to try & drive through Salishan Spa in Oregon where the exteriors for Lotus Point were filmed. Wondering if anyone knows which locations there were actually used..? (Not sure which lotus point scenes were really in Oregon and which were elsewhere) Many thanks!
  19. micmic

    Happening now...

    If you're around BH
  20. micmic

    Pageant of the masters

    Did anyone attend or see a video of the event? Some Knots actors were supposed to attend