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  1. ChrisSumner

    nuDynasty News Production Shut Down Due to Corona Virus

    Full Article: Considering Dynasty is serialized, I wonder which episode they're currently filming. Hopefully they were ahead and this is the last one...
  2. ChrisSumner

    New Joan, Michele, Donna interview!

    Michael Fairman interviewed the ladies for the 40th anniversary! It’ll be up on his YouTube channel this week. I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up. I think they all look good. Makes me miss them acting. ETA: The full 50 minute interview has now been uploaded!
  3. ChrisSumner

    Dallas Now Streaming in the US!

    The show has been available via Amazon Prime, but you have to purchase the series to watch it. Now it’s available for free on their new channel Freedive! It’s only available via computer or the channel which can be found on your Fire Stick. An app is coming soon! I’m hopeful this inspires them...
  4. ChrisSumner

    The Colbys, Dominique & Their Future

    As of now I have no spoilers so I didn't put a spoiler tag on this, but if something changes I'll update the thread to warn people! I just wanted to see everybody's thoughts when it comes to the Colbys. I personally grew to love them and the portrayal not only as black, but blacks of African...
  5. ChrisSumner

    Season One Re-Released On DVD!

    July 24th Warner’s is re-releasing season one. It’s the same cover art and all, but I wonder if this means they’ll attempt going past season one? TV Shows on DVD posted about this on Facebook and say they have no further details, but I think this is promising. I’d settle just to get these...
  6. ChrisSumner

    nuDynasty Spoilers Cristal rumor

    Has anyone else heard the rumor/speculation that Cristal's secret is that she's transgendered? Apparently in one of her interviews Esther Shapiro mentioned that there is going to be a transgendered character and many are speculating that's what Cristal's secret is.
  7. ChrisSumner

    Spoiler Thread

    Figured I'd make a thread for spoilers as we find them! I'll start....I've heard Matthew Blaisdel will die at the end of the pilot. Can't say I'm too upset about that. Claudia was always the main focus from that family anyway. What do y'all think?