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  1. Tullamore

    Sir Roger Moore R.I.P

    I know it is not the right forum but I really only speak to you guys. Sad news on top of the horrendous cowardly act of terrorism in Manchester last night; Sir Roger Moore has died just moments ago. As we seem to all have the same tastes I feel that I am not alone in offering condolences to...
  2. Tullamore

    What If?....

    Big word 'if' As alot of threads allude back to Bobby in the shower/the dream it got me thinking; What if Bobby never died? PD never left the show? What would the cliffhanger had been if he wasn't hit by the car? Did the PTB have other plans if PD stayed on? Would we still have seen the Marinos...
  3. Tullamore

    Favourite Storyline Per Season

    So,a toughie If you had to choose one- JUST ONE storyline that was your favourite per season what was it. Even if you disliked the later seasons I am sure there must be one each year that you found enjoyable Thanks
  4. Tullamore

    Everyone's Waiting

    In the finale of Six Feet Under (spoilers) we witnessed the characters 'endings' as it were. Then there are those serials that still frame on the character and tell you what happened to them in a few brief sentences I was wondering,including Ellie and Clayton because I am not overly sure what...
  5. Tullamore

    The Art of the Cliffhanger

    Hi guys Me again Wondering if you would change any cliffhangers, how you would improve on any ,new ideas for ones and any other episodes that could have ended the season with their freeze frame
  6. Tullamore

    Mr.Unpopular-Season 13 goes Watching season 13 and I will wait for the lynch mob....I like it! Alot! The Shaunggesay storyline,the tanker crash,the banter between Cliff and JR and JR and Lucy,Alex Barton,Michelle (originally),Cliff and the Blue Ribbon committee,Tommy 'Ka-boom' Mackay...the early part of...
  7. Tullamore

    Your Favourite Death

    Hi Sorry if coming as over enthusiastic but want to keep going on with discussions What is your favourite death in the show? Who had the best demise? Who's last stand grabbed you?
  8. Tullamore

    The Underrated Storylines

    Hi guys As the title above suggests are there storylines in the show which you feel deserve more credit? Could they have been highlighted more? Which ones were overrated?
  9. Tullamore

    Missed Opportunities

    Hi guys. As I mentioned in a previous post re:the old forum gone,I like what ifs,your ideas and how the show could have been slightly different. So here's one- missed opportunities with storylines: for instance; the storm in season 12 could have affected the characters instead of just keeping...