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  1. cobbles

    Coronation Street Who needs canning, what needs sorting out?

    Corrie seems to flit between genuinely gripping high octane drama in the Geoff story-line and absolute farce in some of the supposed comedy story-lines (Steve's sausages anyone...) Too many characters seem to have a free pass to remain on the show indefinitely despite being horrendous. The...
  2. cobbles

    How long til they're gone?

    How long do people think we have left before soap operas are pulled from the schedules by TV channels wanting a change of pace or bitten by the death of linear TV. The days of 20m viewers for Corrie and EastEnders are long long gone - even Corries 50th anniversary sub 15m viewers. Hollyoaks...
  3. cobbles

    Woman cuts baby out of pregnant friend..

    Not sure if this the right subfora but.... A woman who had a miscarriage in Brazil lured a pregnant friend to a fake baby shower and then her husband killed her. She stole the baby but cutting it out of the woman. The baby is in...
  4. cobbles

    Coronation Street 60 years and counting - Character By Character

    In a celebration of 60 years of Coronation Street, and hopefully many more we look at the history of Coronation Street by focusing on a character a day in the order they arrived on the street. I'll post a brief summary of the character and then the floors open for everybody else to pile in -...
  5. cobbles

    Would you watch it from the start, if you could?

    A vocal minority of Corrie fans on online forums have been spending the last decade or so since the fiftieth calling for the entire show to be released in order to watch. Initially it was a DVD release when they were still a thing, then couldn't they have done the ITV repeats from the very...
  6. cobbles

    Fantasy Coronation Street

    Welcome to my version of Fantasy Coronation Street. The episode written schedule will mirror the real life episode schedule for now, however I will also be publishing fantasy news articles such as the below alongside the written episodes. The TV Times, 30 August 2020 - Cobbles to Shake Up the...
  7. cobbles

    Corrie and Emmerdale Specials

    12 new specials for Coronation Street (4 focusing on one character, 8 general clip shows.) 3 family tree shows.
  8. cobbles

    Coronation Street A new serial killer for the street?

    It's getting on for two years since Phelan left and it's hard to see Gary as a serious serial killer. I think it would be real nice for the show to bring a properly dark villain to try and get rid of some of the less necessary characters. Corrie Serial killers always seem to be a bit...