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  1. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Prisoner CBH Barnhurst

    I've written fan fiction about the prison on another forum. Would there be any interest for it here?
  2. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Neighbours Fan Fiction

    I've been toying with the idea of writing about what happens to Charlene when she moves to Brisbane. Are people interested in what might have happened?
  3. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Prime Time Drama - Big Brother Style

    I've been sucked in again to Big Brother so I thought we could have our own prime time drama version. Set in Florida - a party has been organised for the powerful people of prime time, within the confines of the state of Florida, with nonimations and evictions, in the Big Brother style, evicted...
  4. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Rank the seasons

    If you were to put the seasons in order of best to worst - how would you rank them?
  5. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Dynasty: Aftermath

    Krystle Sammy-Jo Alexis Dex Stephen Dominique Jackie Garrett Sable Jason Marcus Jackson Episode One: Absolutely Nothing’s changed. The powerful women of Denver are shocked by the death of Blake Carrington at the marriage of Amanda and Prince Michael of Moldavia. Krystle, Alexis...
  6. Alexis Colby Carrington

    Top 5

    If you had to choose your Top 5 Dynasty female characters who would you pick?