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  1. Alison Carr

    UK TV - This Morning

    I have been an on/off This Morning viewer for many years and always preferred the show when Eamon Holmes and Ruth Langsford were presenting. I don't mind Phil and Holly but they can be a bit too much at times. I have found Alison and Dermot on Fridays to be totally unwatchable, I tried for a few...
  2. Alison Carr

    Mile high

    I am currently rewatching MILE HIGH, a series from the late 90s screened on sky one in the uk and I am surprised how good it was and that it was axed after just two seasons. Does anyone else recall this show?
  3. Alison Carr

    The Young Doctors is coming out on DVD!

    Via Vision are spoiling is! They have confirmed Collection 1 of The Young Doctors will be released 16th June containing the first 250 episodes!
  4. Alison Carr

    Big Sky (1990s Oz drama)

    I was not even aware of the Australian drama Big Sky previously, it had totally escaped me! I have found it on Amazon Prime in the UK and am giving it a go. Episode 1 has impressed and it's off to a strong start with Ally Fowler (Sons & Daughter's Angela / Neighbours' Zoe) in the main role. Ally...
  5. Alison Carr

    The Sullivans

    Have bought myself the first DVD set of the Australian soap The Sullivans, 50 episodes I believe, have not seen it before so thought it would be worth a go. Has anyone else watched this all the way? any highlights to look out for?
  6. Alison Carr

    A new viewer raring to go...

    Hi all, Here in the UK, the many recent lockdowns have given me the chance to have a complete watch of Prisoner Cell Block H, The X Files, Twin Peaks, Dynasty, Dallas and I am about to finish The Colbys. My attention turns to Falcon Crest, a show I have NEVER seen all the way through but I...
  7. Alison Carr

    Disney-fied Dallas!

    Miss Ellie and Sue Ellen in Disney/Pixar style!
  8. Alison Carr

    I'm going first ever full watch of The Colbys

    Having just finished a full Dallas rewatch I have treated myself to The Colbys on DVD, despite having watched Dynasty over and over several times over the years I have never done a full run through of The Colby's and have only ever previously seen the first 5 episodes and then the very final...
  9. Alison Carr

    Complete rewatch complete

    I have done it! a pandemic rerun of the entire series plus The Early Years, JR Returns and War of the Ewings all complete. That was actually a really enjoyable rewatch. So I will say, controversially probably, the character of Michelle Stevens did not irritate me as much as I seem to remember...
  10. Alison Carr

    If Talking Pictures can do.... could we? Soap TV Channel

    Talking Pictures has proved itself well in the UK as a successful TV channel that shows classic TV shows and films, it was stated by a father and daughter from their garage I believe and is continuing to grow. How do you start up a TV channel I wonder....I'd love to be involved in a dedicated...
  11. Alison Carr

    Australian soap 'Chances'

    I would love to see be able to watch CHANCES again, I never saw it all, only a handful of episodes back in the 90s when it was shown on Sky 1 in the UK. I know it started out as a pretty normal soap and then it sexed itself up and the storylines became wonderfully bonkers! Greg Hind sang the...
  12. Alison Carr

    Should I just skip the dream season?

    I'm at that point...I have seen Bobby die at the hands of Katherine Wentworth, so do I skip the dream season? would it work if I went straight to season 10? I presume it will all flow a lot more naturally if I do that. I need guidance lol!
  13. Alison Carr

    Dallas region 2 complete box set

    During my current re-run of the entire series my old Dallas region 2 DVD sets (Double sided discs) were failing me, skipping all over the place and some episodes refusing to play after all these years so I finally gave in and ordered the box set direct from the online Warner Brothers store, got...