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  1. hatayas

    Songs that are not relevant during the coronavirus outbreak

    I saw the parody someone made to the Beatles' I Want to Hold Your Hands and thought to create a thread of songs that center around activities that are inapplicable during time of social distancing and isolation. You can post songs about social gathering, parties, touching another person or...
  2. hatayas

    Ideological America films

    What is in your opinion the best Ideological American film? I think "Thelma and Louise" because of the movie introduced a new female perpective to what can easily be considered as a "Western" film.
  3. hatayas

    World Leaders at Shimon Peres Funeral One of Israel's greatest leaders has passed away this week at the age of 93 (!) and today in his funeral, it was apparent just how great and appreciated his contribution to the country and to the peace process was. Also, just how much he was...
  4. hatayas

    24 hours without my cellphone

    Everybody should try this at least once!! So two days ago I went with my husband on a day of fun in Tel Aviv and it wasn't until we were half way there that I noticed that I left my phone at my mother's house where we stopped on our way. On our way home, we didn't have enough time to pass at my...
  5. hatayas

    A recommendation for a book store, please

    The wonderful opportunity to buy a book which is not available in my country nor on Ebay has presented itself!!! A good friend of mine is going to New York next month and has offered to look for a book I'm interested in. Since I don't know any book stores in New York, I'm asking if somebody...