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    Chase Gioberti: worst character in falcon crest

    I mean, what was his point? He was arrogant, annoying, selfish, so full of himself, so saint. Like a modern Don Quixote, trying to get his nose in all the issues. He thought of himself like the hero of the people or something like that. I can't stand him. Cole was so annoying and saint as his...
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    Lance vs Cole. Bad writing.

    I mean. Lorenzo Lamas was black belt in real life in Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Take Wondo. In the series, He was black belt in Karate too. But in his fights with Cole, he fighted like a total bluf. He was slow as hell and Cole, a guy who didnt have any fighting skill, looked like a professional...
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    Was Stephanie Beacham so young for her role?

    I mean, she looked like Charlton Heston's granddaughter. She looked the sister of Tracy Sconggins, Claire Yarlet and Maxwell Caulfield. She was even almost 15 years younger than Joan Collins. And her character, Sable, was supposed to be older than Katherine Ross', but she was really 7 years...