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  1. JRandSueEllenForever

    The Lucy Failure

    Did Dallas fail Lucy or did Lucy fail Dallas? Lucy was never one of my favorite characters. In the beginning I thought she was an exceptionally bad actress and her character wasn’t very likable. From her fling with Ray (who was old enough to be her father and turned out to be her uncle) to her...
  2. JRandSueEllenForever

    Why not Lucas?

    Does anyone else find it a huge missed opportunity that the character of Lucas, the son of Bobby and Jenna, was never introduced on the show? The kind of man we all knew Bobby to be, I find it impossible to believe he had no contact with Lucas over the years, his own natural son. And I’m...
  3. JRandSueEllenForever

    Dallas Character James's paternity

    ive been watching season 13 when James Beaumont shows up in Dallas and says he's JR's son. Notice how JR just accepts it, no questions asked. No blood tests, birth certificate or anything. He wouldn't even accept John Ross as his son until he had proof he was the father, yet he takes Vanessa at...