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    Fallon meets digger barnes

    In this eposode of nancy drew/Harcy boys, PSM is with the first actor to play Digger Barnes from Dallas/
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    nuDynasty Spoilers Heavy spoilers for season 2, read at your ow risk. I'm only sharing the link, the spoilers are in the link above.
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    nuDynasty Spoilers Thoughts on NuKirby?

    Now that she's been confirmed, who should play her, and when should she come in? Shouldwe get the Jeff/Kirby/Adam triangle again? How would you handle her stroy
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    nuDynasty Spoilers Could Adam be coming?

    Who do you think should play him?
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    Another wedding

    So who is it, this time?
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    Catherine Oxenberg is on 12/13 20/20 ABC

    She talks about her daughter india, and the sex cult.
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    Joan Collins thoughts on New Dynasty
  8. Soapwriter12

    joan collins on new dynasty, her thoughts
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    Pamle Sue Martin Official facebook fan page

    With the release of her new movie The Christmas Prince on lifetime television December third Pamela Sue Martin now has an offical page, just like the one recently launched by John James
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    nuDynasty News New cast member Cesil Colby
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    nuDynasty Spoilers Our first cameo from someone who was on Dynasty/Colbys

    Nana Visitor who played a russina dancer on season two of the Colbys will be on a future episode of Dynasty 2017
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    Filthy Rich

    Fox orders put pilot, for new primetime soap
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    CBS orders MAGNUM PI reboot
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    nuDynasty News We may have the new Andrew Laird
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    nuDynasty News Another casting call
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    John james has launched his official Facebook page. here you can hear from john jameshimself.
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    The paley Center preview
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    Why they rebooted, insted of a continuation.
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