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  1. Gioberti84

    The Nunouz family

    Gus, Mario and Alicia the Nunouz family. Did you enjoy their time, in the valley of wine? Was Gus written out earlier than he should have been and what about Mario in his relationship with Victoria?
  2. Gioberti84

    Richard as the son of Jacqueline or Angela?

    Did you like the plot twist when it was discovered that Richard was Angela's son or should the almighty Jacqueline have been his mother right up to the end? Perhaps Chase's departure could have been a reason for the new development.
  3. Gioberti84

    Angela- Abby - JR and Alexis video

    Have a look at this mash up video of Angela, Abby, JR and Alexis, as the villains of the 1980s - I hope you enjoy, thank you to Ultimate TV shows!
  4. Gioberti84

    Who was most deserving of a slap/smack?

    Slapping or smacking was a Dynasty forte and to a lesser extent Dallas. There weren't all that many in Falcon Crest, they preferred the bitchy comments. That said who was most deserving of a good slap, in our show about wine? Perhaps Chase, definitely Angela, definitely Richard, Lance would be...
  5. Gioberti84

    Favourite season #7 guest star

    The seventh season had the most guest stars, in a single season of the series. Which guest star was your favourite?
  6. Gioberti84

    What season had your favourite principal cast group?

    Which season had your favourite principal cast group, in the main title opening? Season 1 - Jane Wyman, Robert Foxworth, Lorenzo Lamas, Billy R. Moses, Jamie Rose, Abby Dalton and Susan Sullivan. Season 2 - Same as season 1, with David Selby and Ana Alicia added. Season 3 - Jamie Rose no...
  7. Gioberti84

    Who Tops The Funny Poll?

    Will the winner be Angela, Lance, Richard, Emma or some other?
  8. Gioberti84

    Cassandra Wilder

    Did you like the character Cassandra Wilder? I suppose there was some mystery when she and her brother came to Tuscany, then when Anna appeared it was Angela who was revealed as an old family rival. Richard's involvement gave an added twist, for me.
  9. Gioberti84

    The battle of Richard's assistants

    Who will triumph?
  10. Gioberti84

    Vicki after her grandmother's passing.

    After Jacqueline was killed maybe Vicki should have become a businesswoman, like her grandmother instead of moving away to New York until season 6. Vicki didn't get much storylines other than the love type and I liked Mario as her boyfriend but what about the businesswoman idea?
  11. Gioberti84

    From Francesca to Carly.

    Starting with season 4 some long lost family members appeared in the vineyards. Season 5 added two from memory and then a few in the next years. Who provided the most enjoyment, whether their stay was short or long? A) Francesca Gioberti - season # 4 B) Charlotte Pershing - season # 4 C)...
  12. Gioberti84

    Katherine, Linda, Robin or Li-Ying?

    Excluding Melissa who was the ideal partner, for Cole?
  13. Gioberti84

    If FC aired today.

    If Falcon Crest aired today a fan has made opening credits, of what he thinks they could like. I hope you enjoy -
  14. Gioberti84

    Was Richard the man to tame Terri?

    I'm not sure if Richard really loved Terri. Their relationship seemed to be one sided, as it was tied into the racetrack and clubhouse. Then there was his feelings for Maggie. Was there a possibility that Richard could have tamed Maggie's wild younger sister? Lance, Greg and Joel certainly...
  15. Gioberti84

    Garth, the other butler.

    Garth acted by Carl Held became Richard's butler in season 6. What a butler he was, as he could speak 4 perhaps 5 different languages, which was useful for his master in business. Garth was humorous but he always seemed to be in the shadow of the other servant Chao-Li, did you like Garth?
  16. Gioberti84

    Should Richard have been around in season#1

    Would there have been room for Richard in season#1, with the main story of Angela and Chase about Jason / the history? I would have enjoyed seeing Richard interact with Douglas and also have more scenes with Jacqueline.
  17. Gioberti84

    What character from the other shows?

    If you could have chosen one character from either Dallas, Dynasty or Knots Landing to have appeared in Falcon Crest who would it have been and why?
  18. Gioberti84

    Jamie Rose being written out

    Jamie Rose left the series early in season 3 to pursue other projects but had she not got these options what other storyline(s) would you liked Vicki to have been involved in?
  19. Gioberti84

    How does the FC mansion compare to Dallas and Dynasty?

    How does the FC mansion compare for you, to the mansions in Dallas and Dynasty? I prefer the Victorian house with all those vineyards around it and the fact the interior set closely resembled the real Villa Miravalle was appealing. Southfork is spectacular with the working ranch and FILOLI from...
  20. Gioberti84

    The Vintage Years Maggie and Chase

    Would Clu Gulager and Samantha Eggar who played Chase and Maggie respectively in The Vintage Years have really worked in the series? Maggie from TVY was like a working class Joan Collins to me. It was strange seeing Chase without a beard and being slightly less sanctimonious. What do you think?