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    David Paulsen and the politics of KL

    I've read on the Dynasty thread that David Paulsen didn't work out on KL because of the "political situation" there. Does anyone know exactly (or close enough) what that means?
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    Was Fallon right?

    I just rewatched an episode from season one in which Fallon instructs Krystle about economics: "During hard times, the poor cut back. That's why they're poor. The rich know that's the time to spend." Anyone know enough about economics to say how true that is? Should I be taking economic advice...
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    Abby at Her Smartest

    One of the most interesting things about Abby was how clever and smart she was. There's already a great thread about the blue eyed she-devil at her nastiest, in which @James from London astutely observed it was when she basically set up Paige to be murdered. What do you think is the most...
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    Mack and Abbey

    Would you have liked to have seen a storyline in which these two characters interacted? I don't mean in any romantic way because that, imho, would not work at all, but one where they were really in a position where they had to try and outsmart each other. They kind of did that in the...
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    The Western Life

    I recently spent a week on a farm in a very rural area of the midwest I loved it and the entire experience, but I have to admit it wasn't easy. No internet, no 24 hour stores within reach, rattlesnakes, copperheads, black widow spiders, and a brutal sun. The people there worked long, hard hours...
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    Season 6 and the Seven Deadly Sins

    Dallas for at least the first 6-8 seasons was epic. Many have said almost biblical in a sense, comparing it to the story of Cain and Abel. Season 6 was masterful in the way Jock's will and the battle for Ewing Oil touched the lives of all the characters. What's even better was that it...
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    Jock's Wisdom for the 21st Century

    One of my favorite lines from Jock was when he counseled JR on the value of subtlety: "Lack of subtlety turns friends into enemies and enemies into fanatics." The world today could heed Jock's words. I see a total lack of subtlety in all the debates and controversies today. It seems it's one...
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    Any Joan Armitrading fans?

    I first came to know Joan Armatrading's work back in the 80's during the summertime, so I always associate her with the summer soundtrack in my mind. I love "Drop the Pilot," "Me, Myself and I," "Cool Blue Stole My Heart," "I Love It(When You Call Me Names)," etc. Any other fans out there?
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    Tea/coffee: With sugar or without?

    So if this is this the worst problem I have, I'm blessed. I went to get coffee yesterday, and when I arrived at work I discovered they had put sugar in it. I always emphasize, "No sugar." I have a sweet tooth, but for some reason putting it in my coffee or tea makes it undrinkable. I can only...
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    Is it racist if

    I find the old 70's sitcom What's Happening funny? I read one critic call it one of the "most racially offensive" shows ever on television, especially because there are several overweight characters. It's a little guilty pleasure of mine because I find it funny, and actually I think many of...
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    Toxic, condescending co-workers: To respond or not respond?

    I have a work meeting Monday on a touchy subject which I raised. There's a colleague who will be there who is the definition of "toxic." He doesn't discuss, he lectures, and always in a hostile, condescending manner. He is a master of saying things just to get under people's skin just to get a...
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    JR and Miss Ellie

    Were there ever any scenes where JR and Miss Ellie displayed any bond? I remember a scene when she bemoaned how JR turned out: "If only I had held on just a little bit longer." However, I can't remember a scene where you even got the impression they liked each other. This is understandable on...
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    Did one of Dynasty's wittiest lines come from...

    ...Jeff. Fallon comes home in the wee hours of the morning after a tryst with Nick Toscanni. Jeff informs her that Krystle lost her baby that night. Fallon responds with callous insouciance. Jeff: "What did you lose last night, Fallon? Your amateur standing?" Fallon is left speechless.
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    Any Lockdown Epiphanies?

    This lockdown, with all the terrible things about it, has afforded many of us more time to think or at least the isolation that may be conducive to thinking. Has anyone had any epiphanies during the lockdown? Mine is that I really need and want to move out of the city where I live, and that...
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    Did Jill do more than just try to kill Val?

    Did she begin the slide to Val being viewed as a ditzy sap? I was rewatching the scene where Jill tries to kill Valene and make it look like a suicide. I remember loving the whole plot when I first saw it, and I still do. However, there seemed to be a few chances for Val to get away or...
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    Literature and the '80's prime time soaps

    I recently learned of the poem "Tinker to Evers to Chance" from the Dynasty season nine episode title play on it("Tankers, Cadavers to Chance"). I learned about "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khauyam" when Julia quoted ot gleefully to Angela when she was institutionalized("The bird is on the wing...
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    Season 9 Episode Titles

    I was doing a crossword puzzle and the question was, "Tinker to________to Chance." The answer was "Evers." The entire answer is the title of a poem. Anyway, it reminded me of the episode entitled "Tankers, Cadavers to Chance." Very clever play on words. The season 9 episode titles were...
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    T.V.'s True Trailblazer

    Was it Alexis? Abby? Constance ? Angela? Kristin? Nope The first bitch that led the way forvsll others was... Carolyn Applebee. Unless you know of an earliee one.
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    What Would Abby and Karen do?

    This post is not to make light of the corvid 19 outbreak, but merely to generate ideas since we are going to be in various statea of lockdown for at least a month. Abby and Karen seemed to be the characters who knew how to spring into action during a crisis. Abby was especially good at...
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    Gym Addicts in the Age of Corona

    Anyone else here a gym addict? For me it's as much about mental health, if not more, as it is about physical. Using the weights, etc., keeps depression and anxiety in check(more than any medication), helps me focus and stay calm. There's also something about doing it at a gym as opposed to my...