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  1. Miss Texas 1967

    Season 8 Picture Quality

    I've just started season 8 and the immediate change in picture quality is noticeable. Did they start filming on video or something? Also is the soft, almost blurry focus on the women deliberate? I have to imagine it is.
  2. Miss Texas 1967

    Dallas Divas Derby Disappeared?

    Old news I suppose, but does anyone know if there are more video interviews with the cast other than the ones on the Dallas Divas Derby Youtube? The Morgan Brittany ones showed up on my Youtube recommendations and I've just rewatched them, entertained by all 2 hours of interviews. I'd love to...
  3. Miss Texas 1967

    Lack of interaction between Miss Ellie and James

    I've just rewatched up to season 13 and am about to start season 14 where I know James remains in the show but Miss Ellie is "away" and BBG never comes back. My question is, does anyone know whether there a particular reason why we never got a James/Miss Ellie scene? Obviously Miss Ellie never...
  4. Miss Texas 1967

    Skipping the Dream Season

    I've heard the suggestion thrown around a few times but couldn't find a specific thread discussing the idea. I'm in the middle of a rewatch and skipped from Swan Song to Return to Camelot (and through the season) just to see how it flows as in previous rewatches I've found the transition from...
  5. Miss Texas 1967

    Pam Makeup Question

    This is a bit of a weird question, but ladies who were around the same age as Pam when the show aired, do you remember whether this was a popular makeup look? The eyeliner not connecting on top and bottom. I rather like it but can't seem to work out what to Google to find any further information.
  6. Miss Texas 1967

    Looking for an old JR & Sue Ellen fanfic

    Does anyone know whether there is a full readable copy of JR & Sue Ellen The Broken Road, The End of the Broken Road, and Retracing the Broken Road anywhere? I have found one that doesn't seem to be complete but I could have sworn the copy on here before the old threads were deleted was complete...
  7. Miss Texas 1967

    Past, Present, and Future | One-shot | Complete

    @Karin Schill Because you asked :) Originally posted on Written by me. Please do not repost online without asking me. Thanks. One-shot extended ending to the 2012 continuation. The story takes into account a few...