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    Bobby and Pam rushed into remarriage

    Now, Swan Song is one of my favorite episodes and you gotta love those reconciliation scenes between Pam and Bobby. But the writers were rushing to get those two back together before Patrick Duffy’s exit, and it showed. First, there was no thought given to Jenna. “She’ll just have to...
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    Did Pam inherit Mark’s money?

    What happened to Graisco anyway? While Donna was a success due to her hard work. Pam’s financial success was even more impressive, because she didn’t do anything to get it.
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    I don’t see how Bobby in any way was responsible for Rebecca’s death

    What in the world was Rebecca doing, trying to keep JR from getting the refinery? She was poking her nose into someone else’s business. She was acting all high and mighty for someone who abandoned her young children to a drunken murderer. And Pamela was ridiculous for blaming Bobby.
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    How to get Miss Ellie to stop trying to break Jock’s will

    I’m rewatching 82-83. Bobby and JR should have gone to her and said, “If you insist on going to court to try to break the will, then we’re both moving out and will never come back.” We all know that this was her biggest fear in life - having her adult children go out on their own.
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    Miss Ellie had a crush on Gidget’s dad

    Rewatching season 2 and Don Porter has shown up as Matt Devlin. I had forgotten that. If only Sally Field guest starred as Matt’s daughter.
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    Rewatching 87-88

    This is the season after Pam’s car crash. I’m rewatching because it’s available on Amazon Prime and I’ve seen it far less often than the first 9 seasons and miniseries, so it’s sorta new to me. I’m about a third of the way through the season. I know it’s been said countless times, but I cannot...
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    Letting Go

    I watched this today, and the home movie scene is pretty great (this is the scene where Karen and her family watch old home movies that include Sid). What’s amazing to me is how long this scene is (would never fly today), how it goes for minutes without dialogue, and how great Michele Lee is...
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    I’m Pretty Sure Miss Ellie Wrote To Dear Abby!

    It’s nice to know that even rich people like Miss Ellie need Dear Abby. This was published in today’s column: DEAR ABBY: My son recently died in an accident. His death was unexpected and shocking, and we are all heartbroken, especially his girlfriend. I know he was having doubts about their...
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    Rewatching 84-85

    Meh. Too many rehashes. Bobby and Jenna engaged, again. Lucy involved with a poor boy, again. Sue Ellen thinks J.R. has changed, but then he cheats on her. Cliff involved with a beautiful woman who is too good for him. Ray’s insecurities damage his marriage to Donna. Another battle for control...
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    J.R. announcing Bobby and Jenna’s engagement at the Oil Baron’s Ball

    This may sound mean, but Pam’s look at the ball when the engagement is announced is unintentionally one of the more satisfying moments of the series. This is the woman who was having an emotional affair with Mark prior to her officially leaving Bobby; the woman who left Bobby multiple times; the...
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    I hate Paige

    I’m almost done with my re-watch of the show (I saw a good chunk of it during its original run, but missed seasons 9-12). Paige is the most unlikeable character on the show. Greedy, icy, spoiled, deceitful. I don’t know why she’s on the show, because she’s not supposed to be a villain.
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    Ray and Donna Go Hawaiian

    Anyone else remember reading about another potential spinoff in the 80s, with Ray and Donna in Hawaii? Does anyone else have more details of what the setup would have been. Could there possibly have been a duller character proposed for a lead in a spinoff than Ray? And anyone less suited to...
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    Watching season 11...kind of a snooze fest so far

    I'm having trouble getting past the coincidence of how ex-spouses Gary and Val just happen to be dating spouses Danny and Amanda. Amanda is as dull as dishwater, BTW. Mack is on yet another crusade against some conspiracy/cover-up. The writers have no idea what to do with the Williams family...
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    Lucky for Gary that Sally's friend was so beautiful

    What if it turned out that she was fat and had buck teeth?
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    They really delayed Gary and Val's reconciliation, didn't they?

    I'm in the midddle of season 10 and Jill has just died. Gary and Valene are both single at the same time and it seems like the time is right for a reconciliation. Instead, Danny has shown up, and Gary's getting involved with Sally's friend.