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  1. Soaplover

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E13: You See Most Things In Terms of Black and White

    To me.. Sam shouldn't be a cast member... the original Sammy Jo would come and go throughout the show's run... the character wasn't designed to stay for long periods of time.
  2. Soaplover

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E09: The Caviar, I Trust, Is Not Burned

    Michael Michelle was on Central Park West... so she knows how to do a soap opera scene well... while Elaine Hendrix seems more serious and straight forward than camp (but I prefer that.. tbh). Nicolette would have been good as a ruthless Alexis.. she played Paige Matheson after all back in the day.
  3. Soaplover

    Miniseries The Mini-Season Trend

    22 episodes a season isn't too much... I find that excuse given by writers to be laughable. If writers would craft multiple stories going at different speeds... there weren't be so much filler. I've found with lots of mini season shows (i.e. 10 to 12 episodes) that the plot is focused on with...
  4. Soaplover

    Sammy Jo & Adam -- should this couple have happened?

    No, they should have been friends with no romantic entanglement... Both were basic outsiders in their families.. plus, Adam being friends with Sammy Jo would have driven Alexis crazy with worry that they might hook up.
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    I wish Diana.....

    Would you all agree Diana was almost a meaner version of Karen without Karen's humor or warmth? Abby, and to a lesser extent, Diana always called out Karen on her judgmental tendencies... it was partly why the audience couldn't ever hate Abby because she always deflated Karen's balloon.. and it...
  6. Soaplover

    Did you buy into Blake's white washing?

    I always bought Krystle's gradual change into a Stepford Wife more than Blake becoming a good guy. She's raped by her husband, gets pregnant than loses the baby due to Alexis.. and because she could never prove 100 percent Alexis intentionally caused the miscarriage.. she had to accept that...
  7. Soaplover

    MyNetworkTV Telenovelas

    I watched Fashion House... from what I recall, the producers edited out too many scenes and realized too late they couldn't stretch each episode out to an hour hence all the mindless flashbacks. Also, Morgan fairchild didn't start until over a month into the show's run... and once she came in...
  8. Soaplover

    What small scene do you remember vividly from Dallas?

    I think it was one of the mini series episodes where Lucy was cutting class, even accused a teacher of making a pass at her (or sleeping with her, etc).. and Pam instantly knew Lucy was lying.. and there was a fun little cat and mouse game between Lucy/Pam. I wished the Pam of the mini series...
  9. Soaplover

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E13: Even Worms Can Procreate

    I think Liz Gillies has the snarky/snooty tendency that Pamela Sue Martin had in the original series, but she doesn't have the lost little rich girl vibe that Pamela Sue Martin had.. nor the warmth that Emma Samms projected (when the writers actually allowed the character to be sarcastic with an...
  10. Soaplover

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E13: Even Worms Can Procreate

    I'm hoping this will finally spur Alexis to take some action and control in her life. I always felt in the original Dynasty that we really didn't see Alexis struggle as much. She seemed to have everything handed to her after the death of Cecil, so at least the show is now showing Alexis at a...
  11. Soaplover

    Spoiler!!! Huge Season 2 Spoiler!!! Read At Own Risk!!!

    Wow, the new 'Cristal' is known for playing to good girl in a lot of telenovelas so it looks as if the show realized they needed a heroine for viewers to root for since both Fallon/Alexis are nowhere close to that. We shall see what season 2 brings.
  12. Soaplover

    Best prime time soaps of the 2000's?

    Originally it was suppose to be a 20 episode show with each episode spanning one year (I.e. episode 1 was 1986, episode 2 was 1987, etc)... but it was cancelled before it reached the end so there never was a conclusive answer as to who the killer was.
  13. Soaplover

    Best prime time soaps of the 2000's?

    The source material that Ugly Betty based itself from was very over the top bordering on the absurd. ABC/Selma Hayek actually grounded it making Betty a more responsible and together character than she was in the source material. It actually was made to be less sitcom/over the top than the...
  14. Soaplover

    Best prime time soaps of the 2000's?

    Ugly Betty was a soap... over the top fashions, two families (the haves and the have nots), business intrigue, the Alexis Carrington phototype (Willomina)... and even the fight of the 1st wife vs potential new wife (Claire Meade vs. Willomina). The only thing that set Ugly Better apart from the...
  15. Soaplover

    Best prime time soaps of the 2010's?

    My Top 5 2010s primetime soaps... 1) Ringer.... a mix of hitchcock, mystery and soapy fun. A 3 season outline that sadly didn't get completed. 2) Jane the Virgin.. a great adaptation of a telenovela to an American audience. It has the main character who isn't all good (Jane).. a villianess...
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    Melrose Place Rewatching Melrose Place

    I agree about Alison's alcoholism story... I recall one scene after Alison had a bad day that she didn't drink.. but ordered a pizza and ate the whole pizza remarking to Billy that at least she wasn't drowning her sorrows for once. She had addictive tendencies, couldn't handle pressure, and...
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    The PSA-esque episodes of Knots Landing...

    Season 1 and 2 were the king of PSA episodes... the ERA episode where Diana/Karen did the put on a happy face number in mime paint... the biker invading the beach episode? Why the show thought going back to that again in season 12/13 would work baffles me.... they should have looked at season 4...
  18. Soaplover

    Spoiler!!! Huge Season 2 Spoiler!!! Read At Own Risk!!!

    I'm wondering if NK saw the writing on the wall with bringing on NS.. and the fact that NS and LG had good enemy chemistry that got a lot more attention than the fights between NK and LG did? And perhaps maybe she assumed she would be pushed to the side on this show like she was back in Australia?
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    Spoiler!!! Huge Season 2 Spoiler!!! Read At Own Risk!!!

    Is it possible Cristal isn't being killed off, but possibly recast?
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    Melrose Place Rewatching Melrose Place

    I recall being a pre-teen when Melrose was on.. and I remembered thinking Amanda was a horrible villianess. As an adult, I remember re-watching season 2 (a perfect balance of the heart of season with some soapy fun mixed in )... that Amanda was actually acting like an intelligent adult instead...