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  1. Luke Fuller

    Which Season is Worse -- 7 or 8 or the Reunion?

    Season 8 came with some new plotlines or subplotlines which survived all season 9. Strong friendship between Fallon and Dex (good work). Seperation of Fallon and Jeff (thank god). Seperation of Sammy Jo and Steven (finally). Partnership of convenience between Sammy Jo and Jeff. Emotional and...
  2. Luke Fuller

    Things wrong with Season 9

    I do not believe that the budget of one episode of season 8 was 1.700.00 dollars. It would be too much for Aaron Spelling! I have a tendency to defend season 8, but I admit that there was a lack of outdoor scenes, probably because of financial reasons.
  3. Luke Fuller

    Is Season 9 the best year?

    Season 8 premiere episode was released in full version, including Last season on Dynasty, on DVD in Europe. What about season 6 premiere episode, I must find the old videocassette somewhere...
  4. Luke Fuller

    Wasted Characters

    I wish they used much more some secondary characters like Christopher Deegan, Nicol de Vilbis (yes, I like her), Dean Caldwell (perfect match for Claudia), Bart Fallmont, Sam Dexter, Josh Harris (perfect match as a lover for both Sammy Jo and Steven), or Morgan Hess in the final season. It would...
  5. Luke Fuller

    Opening Credit oddities

    What about Rock Hudson, I realised the "wrong" opening credit of him only a year ago. (I mean without strips, not film played backwards.) Changes of opening credits were just interesting, nothing more for me. On the other side, there are "strange" or disturbing things as well. We can watch...
  6. Luke Fuller

    Is Season 9 the best year?

    Season 9 has always been a little controversial topic, not only for Esther Shapiro :) I am aware of positive aspects of this season, including excellant performance of Stephanie Beacham and Emma Samms. Neverthless, I cannot ignore negative aspects as well: Totally wasted characters of Adam (!)...
  7. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty music

    I watched Carousel episode today and I was surprised that they used "Moldavian" tune for Blake / Steven reconciliation scene :dance:
  8. Luke Fuller

    The Gay Bar In Season 5

    I would be forgiving, it was in 1985. It was the first and the last time when Dynasty had the courage to show a "pure gay" place. It was really sterile and decent - like many other straight places (rooms in La Mirage for example). At least, this "gay bar" scene was fulfiled by "happy" music...
  9. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty music

    They tried to be creative in early seasons what about music. I love some melodies especially from early season 2, for example composed for the scene with the first meeting of Alexis and Rashid Ahmed in Rome or when Jeff was in a hurry to prevent Fallon from the abortion. I appreciate a special...
  10. Luke Fuller

    Aaron Spelling cross-overs --- a good idea?

    As I know, Jackie was introduced on Dynasty, in "The Close Call" episode (1985/12/4), it means before "The Reunion" episode of The Colbys. On the oher hand, it is true that it happened only on a photo, without mentioning her name. But everybody could understand that the girl on the photo is a...
  11. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty in Decline article

  12. Luke Fuller

    Which Season is Worse -- 7 or 8 or the Reunion?

    Well, The Reunion is not officially a part of the show, but it closes all the story. Nevertheless, I tried to select ten worst episodes at all. There is my choice: 6.3 - The Californians (chaos because of characters from a new show, wrong entrance for Jason Colby, lack of space for regualar...
  13. Luke Fuller

    Krystle slapping Tracy

    Tracy was credited as a main character. In fact, she was a pointless secondary character, very often appearing in one scene per episode. She was interesting to watch only in couple of the last episodes. Her exit from the show is remarkable, but still not very important for the script and all the...
  14. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty: The Reunion Thoughts/Reviews

    The Reunion is probably the weakest part of all Dynasty. Nevertheless, it has a special meaning in the story because it closes everything. I am glad that my favourite show has the ending. Not a proper one, but at least some. I cannot accept Catch 22 episode as a real finale. It still hurts me...
  15. Luke Fuller

    The Pilot - fresh overview, 40 YEARS AFTER

    We have three hour The Pilot at the beggining and four hour The Reunion at the end. What an arch between them. And what a difference in quality between them too.
  16. Luke Fuller

    The Pilot - fresh overview, 40 YEARS AFTER

    Yesterday I watched the Pilot again. It was a coincidence that it happened almost 40 years after the start of shooting with actors. According to my notes, The Pilot was shot from April 14th to May 8th 1980 (with George Peppard) and from October 27th to November 13th 1980 (with John Forsythe). Of...
  17. Luke Fuller

    Watching Season 8.

    Yes, I watched season 9 several weeks ago and I noticed that these stupid blurry close-ups continued practically all the season. They used them on Linda Evans and especially on Stephanie Beacham (for example in Tankers, Cadavers To Chance or Virgina Reels episodes). Fortunately it was less often...
  18. Luke Fuller

    Was the word "dynasty" ever used?

    Yes, Jeff talked about Carrington dynasty in the "Domestic Intrigue" episode in season 5.
  19. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty Season 9 Thoughts/Reviews

    It is a pitty that they limited appereances of J. E. Peck in the last season. I love dream scenes with him. Unfortunately they stopped doing them in the episode Delta Whow (9.10) - in a shower with Fallon :) According to the original script, there should be a dream sequence with him in the...
  20. Luke Fuller

    Dynasty: Season 7 Thoughts

    Yes, maybe we can talk about 5A and 5B seasons. 5A: Dominique as a powerful and important character, Alexis fithting for her freedom, exit of Fallon and Jeff in a drinking limbo, Adam as handy guy for both Blake and Alexis. 5B: Dominique became a secondary character with nothing important to do...