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  1. Don Howard

    General Hospital Is #2

    A couple of weeks ago, General Hospital passed As The World Turns to become the second-longest running daytime serial. It'll need another four years to pass (The) Guiding Light's television run.....add fifteen to that to factor in GL's start on the radio in 1937.
  2. Don Howard

    Dallas Character Vaughn Leland, What Were You Thinking?

    Why on earth did Vaughn "get into bed" with J.R. to put the screws over on Cliff during the 1983-84 season? Didn't Vaughn team up with Cliff and others to ruin J.R. when oil prices were falling during the 1981-82 season? Two seasons previous, hadn't he gotten off on the prospect of having to...
  3. Don Howard

    Joan Van Ark's 74th Birthday!

    Happy birthday, Val.
  4. Don Howard

    Megyn Kelly: DAYS-Killer?

    That new NBC daytime show of hers is looking like it'll replace either the piece-of-garbage 9am hour of the Today show or Days Of Our Lives. She'll make instant enemies if she dares to knock off the hourglass.
  5. Don Howard

    Lost In Space

    As a serious adventure series during the first season, I loved it. Once it went to color and the camp got way out of control, it deserved its cancellation.
  6. Don Howard

    Dr. Bill Horton.....PIG

    He waits years and years to hook up with Laura, which he finally does one drunken night through rape. She leaves Mickey and at last marries Bill, her rapist. He proves his love to her by getting it on with Kate Winograd/Roberts behind her back. As Linda recovers from her mental breakdown, he...
  7. Don Howard

    A TIE?!?

    Fix this, NFL. High school and college gets OT right.