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  1. Ked

    Top Ten Character Introductions

    Just discovered this little video:
  2. Ked

    How I would combine two of the best ideas around here

    Grant Jennings had come up two different ideas for two important story points in Dynasty, and I just thought of a way to make them overlap with one another. Here'a refresher: As per usual for the doppelganger story, Adam gets involved and assists with a lot of the technical issues, and uses...
  3. Ked

    Should Krystina have been a black market baby?

    I've heard people complain about how Krystle was suddenly cured of her barren-ness in Season 4, as that negated her tragedy in Season 2, and that it would have been better if she and Blake had adopted... except Blake was a man with a record now (manslaughter). No adoption agency would touch the...
  4. Ked

    "The Titans" and more Greek mythology references

    A long time ago, somebody suggested that "The Titans" should have been the title of the show instead of "The Colbys", especially since that was the title for their introductory episodes on Dynasty. Since then, I've been a full supporter of that. And recently, I suggested on the Dynasty forum...
  5. Ked

    Should Blake and Krystle have been more like Hades and Persephone?

    Probably the most common thing known about Hades and Persephone is that the latter was kidnapped by the former and taken to the underworld to be his wife, and while there, she ate six pomegranate seeds before being rescued and taken back to her mother, Demeter. Because she ate those six seeds...
  6. Ked

    Cecil Colby and Kirby Anders should have had a scene like this

    It's been said before that Cecil Colby should have been around for Season 3, and I'm agreement. I have no objections to the character dying for good, but he had a lot to offer. Keeping him around for one more season would have been laid the groundwork for slightly more intriguing storylines and...
  7. Ked

    Should there have been more Mafia involvement?

    It was already suggested/hinted in Season 1 that Blake had mafia connections, and it's pretty well known that the original plans for Season 3 had Fallon coming into conflict with some mafia people who want to be suppliers for La Mirage. And I think, for Season 7, Michael Cullhane was supposed to...
  8. Ked

    Should there have been a character who slept with all 4 of the Carrington children?

    Here's a random question for the day. Should there have been some thrill-seeking bed-hopper who made a play for all four of the grown-up Carrington children? And if so, who should it have been? A new character? Or a previously established character?
  9. Ked


    The other day at work, I came across one of those employee appreciation sheets stapled to the wall, and the lady's name was, much to my surprise, "Caressa." Ever since then, I can't help but wonder if *that* should have been the new name Cassandra Morrell should have chosen for herself? I mean...
  10. Ked

    Should There Have Been A 'gone With The Wind' Party?

    I've had this idea for a while, and finally decided to go ahead and share it. Considering that the show is set in Atlanta, Georgia, should there have been a 'Gone with the Wind' themed party? It certainly would have been an interesting opportunity for lots of costume porn (and for the sake of...
  11. Ked

    If Claudia died in the Moldavian Massacre...

    ...then who should set fire to La Mirage? Because that's one storyline I'd rather not give up. It makes such a great cliffhanger/premiere, no matter how unbalanced it was. I thought up some possible candidates: Caress - she doesn't get shipped off back to prison, or at least that doesn't...
  12. Ked

    The Recast Cycle is Complete

    Something random I realized: every single member of the immediate Carrington family has gone through a recast: Most recently, the two Mrs. Carrington have each been recast (a little bit of a stretch in Cristal's case, as she was not technically recast, just replaced with a different character...
  13. Ked

    Peyton Place 30 going on 13

    Yup, yet another "Peyton Place Remake" idea from me. This time, however, I decided to trim down my intended episode count per season from 30, to 13. I think that might be better, as it would mean a more concise story and less filler. So here's how the first season would look: Episode 1...
  14. Ked

    Who would you recast as Alexis?

    A lot of people around here believe the character will be recast, and I hope that's true (and I mean that nothing against Nicollette Sheridan; I'd rather she stay, but since that's not going to be the case... plus, I want the character to fulfill her potential), so why don't we all have some fun...
  15. Ked

    Cristal vs Dominique?

    With Alexis gone, could Dominique fill her shoes as a potential new rival for Cristal? I mean, the latter seems to be up to something... could the newly arrived Mrs. Colby stir up trouble for the new Mrs. Carrington? I'm honestly curious if those two will wind up in a lily pond in the Season 2...
  16. Ked

    How would you have done a DALLAS/DYNASTY crossover?

    Since I'm not as familiar with Dallas as the rest of you, I'll let you guys figure this out. :lol: Here's some basic questions/guidelines: -What year would you have it take place? -Which characters would mainly interact with one another? -Would you have it be a movie, a made-for-TV movie...
  17. Ked

    Which lady had the best 'look' for Dynasty? (Multiple votes allowed)

    Just a random poll for fun. Which Dynasty Diva do you think had the best 'look' when it came to what the show was about? Personally, my vote is for Caress. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: she had killer cheekbones, diamond eyes, and a chocolate-y voice. If I were to pick which of...
  18. Ked

    Amanda can be Caress' daughter

    Just a random thought: if Nicolette Sheridan is leaving, they could not recast Alexis, but simply bring in Caress, who is revealed to have had a one night stand with Blake, resulting in Amanda's birth. Meaning Amanda can still be a legit Carrington, and still be related to Fallon through their...
  19. Ked

    Peyton Place Promo vids

  20. Ked

    Peyton Place What things/events of the 1960s would you like to see in the new show?

    MAD MEN immersed itself in the 1960s by always having the characters reacting to real life events of that decade, and I don't see why a new PEYTON PLACE can't do the same. What sorts of things would you like to see? And not just historical dates, but what kind of music, or fashion, or heck, what...