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  1. bmasters9

    Radium Girls

    Been wanting to see this historical picture starring Joey King for the longest time ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, and now just got word that it's going to premiere Oct. 23. I wanted to see it not just because of how remarkable a star Joey King is, but because of the subject matter...
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    Barney Miller

    What did you think of this hit 70s ABC comedic police procedural that had Hal Linden in the title role, et al.? I loved it, and I thought it well worth the money on DVD (and the title sequence and music thereto helped immensely).
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    Karl Malden is why The Streets of San Francisco has been one of my most favorite shows

    This is a screencap (from CBS Home Entertainment's DVDs of the same) of the title sequence credit of the late, great Karl Malden as 20-plus-year veteran of the SFPD, Lt. Mike Stone, in The Streets of San Francisco (70s ABC police procedural that had him, Michael Douglas [1972-76], and the late...
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    Spam forum no more?

    What happened to the Spam Forum?
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    Hugh Downs has passed on at 99... Hugh Downs, long of 20/20 on ABC, and Today and Concentration on NBC (among a few other things), passed on recently at 99. This is how I'll always remember him...
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    Heather Locklear for Faberge Organics, 1984...

    Did you know that Heather Locklear was in a Faberge Organics hair shampoo ad in 1984? Well, she was, and here is that commercial from a 1984 KNBC News 4 L.A. Nightside late edition (go to the 7:05 mark; commercial runs to the 7:35 mark)...
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    New EXP header...

    Noticed a new banner on my infobox that said "EXP: 3 Years," and noticed the same on that one of user Alexis, saying "EXP: 12 Years." Does that mean how long we've been members of this forum?
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    Time-Life Dynasty release?

    Do you think that, Time-Life being slated to release a collector's edition of at least the first six seasons' worth of O-R CBS Dallas, they might do the same for O-R ABC Dynasty?
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    Baltimore Sun, Wed., July 24

    Thought you'd like to read this editorial from columnist E.R. Shipp in the Baltimore Sun of Wed., July 24:
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    28 years since the end...

    Today, Friday, May 3, 2019, is 28 years to the day since the last episode ("Conundrum") of O-R CBS Dallas aired on American screens in 1991-- just thought I'd bring that up here.
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    Knots Landing newspaper listing 1991

    I recently acquired a vintage edition of Newsday (Long Island, NY paper) from Thursday, Jan. 17, 1991 (through EBay), and in the television listings on page 99, there is a listing on WCBS (CBS2 in NYC) for an episode of Knots Landing that night; I cross-referenced to an episode guide, and there...
  12. bmasters9

    Joan Collins on Hawaii Five-0

    You probably don't know this, but our friend Joan Collins from O-R ABC Dynasty (Joan of course known worldwide as television's famous Alexis Morrell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan) was on Hawaii Five-0 recently. Here's some background about that episode...
  13. bmasters9

    Happy 66th to Pamela Sue Martin!

    Today, Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, the great Pamela Sue Martin (the original, and still the genuine article of Fallon Carrington Colby on O-R ABC Dynasty, in many people's eyes, including mine) is 66-- just wanted to wish her that happy birthday!
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    Can't check alerts now...

    I can't check my alerts now because the Christmas decoration is covering up the entire top of the page-- why is that?
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    Charlene Tilton Match Game pilot (MG2)

    You've probably never seen this before, so I'd like to hear what you think about it-- this is Charlene Tilton from O-R CBS Dallas hosting a pilot for Match Game in 1996; the name of it is MG2.
  16. bmasters9

    Transition patterns in openings...

    Just thought you might find this interesting: our favorite O-R ABC Dynasty was not the only series that used an on-screen pattern to lead into the first scene of its opening (Dynasty, and also The Colbys, using those Y patterns); another one that used one (and the only other one I know of, also...
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    Jim Davis on Cannon, 1973...

    Did you know that Jim Davis (who has been very-well-known to us as Jock Ewing on O-R CBS Dallas from 1978-81) was in a second-season episode of Cannon (1971-76 CBS detective series w/the late William Conrad) as a character named Henry Rawdon? The episode was "The Seventh Grave," OAD Wed. Feb...
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    New Dallas releases...

    If anyone has seen the new single-sided DVD redos of O-R CBS Lorimar Dallas, I'd like to know what you think of them.
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    Pamela Bellwood in Chicago Sun-Times 1983

    Thought you might like to see this: this was the Chicago Sun-Times TV Prevue Sunday TV guide for the week of 6/12-6/18, 1983, and on the cover is Pamela Bellwood of O-R ABC Dynasty...
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    News-in-brief segments...

    How many of you remember these from back in the day? This was an ABC News Brief from 1978 (the late Max Robinson anchoring from ABC's Chicago bureau then); these were usually between evening entertainment programs, and a lot of times in the afternoons as well.