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  1. TJames03

    VR’s Y&R return fake news. Bummer. Why don’t they just have Dru’s remains found? It’s been 13 years since Dru fell over of the cliff and if she’s never returning, just END IT.
  2. TJames03

    Hell has officially frozen over.... Not to be outdone by..... World leaders, take note!!!!!!!
  3. TJames03

    Y&R’s rating plummet.... And deservedly so. It’s been the same story line since the early 1980’s. People are tired of Braeden and Thomas Scott’s ugly visages continuing to do the same things since 1979....
  4. TJames03

    Joan Rivers and Michele Lee.

    I’ve put this up before, but thought I’d do it again. I love how Rivers goes in for the kill (Lee knew she was in for it, though)...
  5. TJames03

    Kim Delaney joins GH. Not good. KD is a notorious boozer in real-life. Obviously, her short career outside of soaps has tanked and she’s gotta crawl back to them.
  6. TJames03

    Hell has frozen over! VR returns to Y&R!!
  7. TJames03

    Just found out June Brown left “EE.”

    The show is now officially over for me.
  8. TJames03

    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    As we all know, VP/Pam’s exit from the show was a rushed mess (and, as far as I’m concerned, a purposeful blow to what the producers considered as slight to VP’s beauty - the burning and scarring Pam). However, could there have been some alternate exit written for Pam had the producers taken...
  9. TJames03

    Article about VP.

  10. TJames03

    John Saxon dies....

    I’m surprised that this isn’t already on this FC page....
  11. TJames03

    Did Foxworth try to return?

    Saw this online and was wondering if it was true. I thought that when RF left the show, he never wanted to return.
  12. TJames03

    Erika Slezak looks terrible.... a TV special about soaps I watched tonight. Age has really caught up with her.....
  13. TJames03

    Top 10 Dynasty episodes.....

  14. TJames03

    Roy Horn dies from Covid....

    As a magician I bet he wishes that he could have made Covid disappear!!!! Too soon? Lol!!!!! He may be dead, but his face will last for decades.....
  15. TJames03

    Characters that overstayed their welcome.....

    Lindsay NEVER gets any respect!
  16. TJames03

    Mistakes that ruined soaps....

  17. TJames03

    The Golden “Girlz” in quarantine.....

  18. TJames03

    Shannen Doherty left grieving after her best friend of nearly 30 years dies of cancer..... Poor girl.....
  19. TJames03

    John Callahan dead... Man, this guy got old!