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  1. That Bowie Girl

    How Far Would You Go For The Money Honey?

    This is simple just post your answer if you would do that for the money and then post something and give an amount of money and see if they would do it for the money honey! :D Would you stop cleaning your home for a full year for 1 million dollars? :eck:
  2. That Bowie Girl

    Anatomy Of Songs and More!

  3. That Bowie Girl

    Donation Questions

    I am more than willing to donate but before I decide how much can someone answer these questions please? Who will be receiving the donations? I would feel much better if this was going directly to @Ome who is always around to help us or will he at least have access to the money? @Ome is...
  4. That Bowie Girl

    Olivia Newton-John’s ‘Grease’ Outfit Sells for $405,000

    Actress/singer wore iconic leather jacket and black pants during “You’re the One That I Want” Olivia Newton-John’s iconic Grease leather jacket and black pants sold at auction Saturday for $405,000, more than double its pre-auction estimate. The combined outfit, which the actress-singer...
  5. That Bowie Girl

    When was the last time you?

    I think or hope the name of the thread says it all. When was the last time you raked leaves?
  6. That Bowie Girl

    Feelings! Nothing But One Word Feelings!

    :lolling: Another easy and simple in just one word how your feeling at the moment. Happy!
  7. That Bowie Girl

    Can You Guess Who Will Post Next?

    Easy peasey pumpkin pie. Just remember don't tag them. :Clol: :hey: I think the next person to post in this thread will be Michelle Stevens?
  8. That Bowie Girl

    Bowie..will live on Forever and Ever!

    I have so much to say. I don't really even know where to begin. I appreciate any and all who want to talk about him whether you love him or dislike him. I think you all know that I am a Bowie Freak and yes I call myself that as millions of Bowie fans around the world do. I love his voice...
  9. That Bowie Girl

    Photo Fun!

    This thread can be whatever you want it to be. Do you love photography and have pictures you would like to share. Do you come across or have pictures that you love and would like a place to share them? I am an amateur photographer. I just love to take pictures of scenery and nature and...
  10. That Bowie Girl

    Give the Song a Chance! Like, Love or Hate it.

    I get stuck in my own little bubble of music at times and I don't give a lot of songs a chance. I have my favorites and that is what I listen to the most. Let's see if we can all give songs a chance that are maybe new to us, we didn't think we liked the artist or never listened to the song...
  11. That Bowie Girl

    Which was better the Original or the Cover Song?

    I know there are tons of songs that have many covers so pick just one that you like. I will start by posting an original and a cover. Then the next SC music lover can tell us which they like better and then post their own 2 songs. I am starting off with Yes you guessed it... Bowie ~ Drive...
  12. That Bowie Girl

    The Walking Dead Lauren Cohan's (Maggie) New Show Cancelled

    "Whiskey Cavalier" — cancelled, after one season Lauren Cohan left AMC's "The Walking Dead" to star in the ill-fated show about FBI agents. I never watched it. Did anyone? Even Scott Foley didn't get me to give it a try. I wonder if this means she will be crawling back to The Walking Dead...
  13. That Bowie Girl

    Happy Birthday to you Seaviewer!

    Cheers to you on your Birthday Mate!
  14. That Bowie Girl

    Stores Where You Shop and Stores from Around the World A to Z

    I thought this would be fun to see where people shop and other shops from Around the World Ace ~ Where I bought my new kitchen :dance:
  15. That Bowie Girl

    Underwater Creatures and Plants A to Z

    A ~ Angel fish
  16. That Bowie Girl

    Post 8 Songs about ? Thread

    @Seaviewer gets the credit for this one. :D It's also like @Long Lashes 6 things thread.....:D and of course all of Ome's song threads. :D Post 8 songs about a topic then post a new subject for 8 more songs. I will start off with 8 songs about days of the week. 1. Wednesday Morning 3...
  17. That Bowie Girl

    All about Cats and Dogs A to Z

    Post everything and anything you want that has to do with Cats and Dogs I will start off with Afghan Hound
  18. That Bowie Girl

    Have you ever.......

    I was going to combine this with would you ever but than I thought maybe down the road that could be an idea for another thread. I would love for this to be a thread that is open to discussion and can explain your reasons why you have or haven't or anything that pleases you in your...
  19. That Bowie Girl

    Fictional Characters A to Z

    I see we have A to Z of fictional couples and about having some fun with fictional characters. They can be from any place you want them to be from...movies, tv, books, cartoons etc. :loony: I will start off with A Alf
  20. That Bowie Girl

    Name the TV show from the Picture

    then post one of your own for others to guess What show is this