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  1. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Emmerdale The Sugden family

    Been watching a few 80s episodes but not all of them are on YouTube, we’re Jack and Sandie close? I read on Wikipedia that Jack gave advice to Joe regarding being a stepfather when Joe married Kate and he was having trouble with Mark in particular. It was said that Jack was very close to Sandie...
  2. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    How the soaps were in the10s and what you hope the 20s will bring

    So with another decade gone and staring at the barrel of a new, how would say each soap did during the 2010s and what do you think will happen to the soaps in the 2020s? 2020 itself celebrates 60, 35 & 25 years of Corrie, EE & Oaks, while 2022 will be Emmerdale’s 50th. I think by the mid to...
  3. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Fallon (PSM): The Classic baby boomer?

    Over the course of four seasons we saw Fallon; born in 1956, go from a care free, flighty, free spirited, free loving, child of the 60s/70s, Young woman, turn into a rigid, career driven, often neglectful mother to her millennial children, woman of the 80s. Was she an unwitting representation...
  4. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Emmerdale 1993 Plane Crash vs the 2003 Storm

    Of two of the biggest storylines on the soap which do you prefer? Personally I like both, the plane crash, not only did it reinvented Emmerdale, but it was a massive game changer for all the soaps in general. I liked The Storm because a natural disaster hadn’t been done on a soap before, or at...
  5. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Favourite Soap Era’s

    What era in each soap stands out for you? For me it goes like this CORONATION STREET: the 60s, mid 80s and early to mid 90s EMMERDALE: The 80s or the Merrick years, early 90s, late 90s, 2002-2006 EASTENDERS; 1985-1994 and 2001-2006 HOLLYOAKS: Mid to late 00s
  6. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Soaps In The 2020s

    Will any of the soaps make it beyond the next decade? If so what should they do to keep on the air?
  7. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Old Dynasty fans do you watch Nu Dynasty?

    I watched the first season but kind of gave up, in my personal opinion thee New show made me forgive seasons 7B, 8 and the Reunion. However I just want to known what you all think of it?
  8. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Emmerdale The change from Esholt to Harewood what changed in the village itself?

    Esholt & the Harewood set look similar in many ways, but completely different in other ways. For instance the village hall in the Esholt days seemed to be located at the other end of a longer Main Street, nowadays the village hall is now behind the cafe, located off Church Lane. Is Tall Trees...
  9. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Emmerdale Which characters would you not kill off

    Been watching old Emmerdale episodes from the 1989 to 1994 era recently. There are a surprising amount of characters who in my opinion could have remained on the show longer. Archie, Rachel & Mark spring to mind, Archie because I think he still had life in him, I really liked his friendship...
  10. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Was DYNASTY 80s enough?

    Having watched the series again, I realised although DYNASTY is very much a 1980s soap with all the traditional soap tropes. Was it really reflective of life in the 1980s? Now I know the Carrington and the Colby clans aren’t your average everyday family, but the Ewing’s and the...
  11. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    DYNASTY: 1961-69

    was bored so I decided to upload photos of the Dynasty/Colby’s cast from the 1960s Krystle Grant, Dayton, Ohio, Summer of ‘62 Blake Carrington, interview for some magazine, 1961/62 His wife Alexis Carrington nee Morrell, doing the twist at a new nightclub in Denver, 1961
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    One Tree Hill A One Tree Hill continuation,would it work?

    Its been seven years since OTH left our screens after entertaining teenaged millennials for nearly a decade, this show captured America as it was in the 2000s, an era less innocent than the 90s but much freer and less toxic than the 10s have turned out. A reboot would be out of the question for...
  13. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Is 30 old??

    2019: Dynasty ended thirty years ago, we are staring at the barrel of the roaring 2020s, and I’m going to be thirty in seven months. I need reassurance peeps :-)
  14. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Soap family members who have never been onscreen together at the same time

    Simon and David Wicks are the biggest culprits for this, they missed each other by three years, yet this is one relationship that fascinates me, since I’m not sure how their relationship is to one another, ironically they both cheated with the same woman; Cindy. Grant, Ronnie and Roxy never...
  15. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    How would you mark the anniversaries of the three big soaps in 2020 and 2022

    in 2020 Corrie and EE will turn 60 and 35 respectively while in 2022 Emmerdale will be 50, how would you mark the occasion? In recent years soaps have been experimental in its story telling For EastEnders I would have Kathy dream of a life had she remained married to Pete, and how life is in...
  16. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    90210 Who was best for Dylan: Brenda, Kelly or Antonia??

    Who was Dylan’s best love interest? For me it’s Brenda, she brought out the best in him, and he liberated her, also this love story was rather unfinished, we know they were together off screen until 1998 but still, my next preference would be Antonia even though they were together for a short...
  17. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    The Knots-verse

    Since DALLAS & KNOTS split apart in 1986 it kind of delved into the sci fi, I’m fascinated by parallel universes so was wondering what the DALLAS lot got up to in the Knotsverse and found that it was probably a lot better since: - Pam never burned to a crisp then die two years later due to...
  18. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Who does the music in this scene????

    skip to 1:33 I know she says the band are called Outliners, but does anyone know who they really are and what this song is called?
  19. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Season 8 Blues, Season 9 Renewals

    DALLAS, DYNASTY and FALCON CREST hall had subpar, dull eighth seasons that had storylines that were either repeats of earlier seasons or were just bat sh!t mental 80s style. Their respective season 9's however gave the shows a feeling of a new era and rejuvenation, also each show on their 9th...
  20. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    Storylines that you think should've happened

    1: A love square between Fallon, Jeff, Amanda and Miles, they really were the 80s version of Sable, Jason, Frankie and Phillip, I don't think the writers ever realised the potential in drawing the parallels, Amanda and Miles would make a cute couple. 2: A late in life pregnancy for Alexis, she...