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  1. Victoriafan3

    Happy Birthday Willie Oleson!

    Many Happy Returns on your special day. Thank you so much for all your legendary contributions to this forum. You are a mega star indeed and much celebration for the day you were born. Thanks again for all your time, energy and effort to help make this forum what it is. Really enjoy yourself...
  2. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Character JR’s Worst Deeds

    Just for fun... What would be your five worst things JR ever did on the show? Mine would be 1. Send Pam on a wild goose chase to the Carribean 2. Mortgage Southfork 3. Sleep with Holly and hurt Sue Ellen so much 4. Set up his own mother to take John Ross from Southern Cross. 5. Hide the...
  3. Victoriafan3

    What was Dynasty’s most heart-tending moment?

    What was a scene on Dynasty that really touched you and pulled at your heart strings? On Dallas we had Bobby’s death in Swan Song, Miss Ellie’s mastectomy and the licorice scene between Cliff and his mother. What’s that scene for you on Dynasty?... Lol that should read heart-rending!
  4. Victoriafan3

    Dynasty the ideal cast

    Just for fun, if you could choose your favourite characters from the Dynasty original, to all appear TOGETHER in ONE SEASON, who would they be??? They potential stories might be new and creative to go with that, but with your chosen cast... For me, my perfectly imperfect Dynasty would be...
  5. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Actors Victoria’s donation to help the ocean

    yet another reason why I love this lady...amazing!
  6. Victoriafan3

    Victoria - 40 years of Dallas
  7. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Character What was/were your favourite season(s) for each main character?

    I borrowed this idea from the Falcon Crest forum and thought it was fun...For each of the main characters, in which season or seasons did you like and enjoy them the most?
  8. Victoriafan3

    Who was the love of Alexis life?

    Apologies if this has been asked before? Apart from her children and herself, who did Alexis really love the most? Dex or Blake?? In Dallas, Pams love of her life would’ve been Bobby but Mark was a nice second. She loved Mark but wasn’t IN LOVE with him, like Bobby Same with Sue Ellen and...
  9. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Character Quick Sue Ellen question

    As I only watched 86-87 once at the time, I can't remember and didn't watch the show after that to see, how did JR and Sue Ellen split up again that season? Didn't they reunite after the BD Calhoun debacle? And how did she get away with shooting jr after Nicholas went over the balcony? Also...
  10. Victoriafan3

    Admin query

    Hello good Dallas folk who help run this great site. Just wondering why do some of you like OME and Sarah still have 'new' on your headers? You've been in here for years. And others don't have 'new'? We all changed on to this new forum at the same time recently?? And just checking how I might...
  11. Victoriafan3

    Dutch fan contact query?

    hi there. I am trying to contact a Dutch fan who ran a terrific Dallas website from about 2001-2005. Frankvink73 it was. Could anyone help me contact him please? Many thanks indeed. Happy new year!! :-)
  12. Victoriafan3

    Scenes that could have been

    Not making up whole new situations, not altering or re writing the whole series lol, but in keeping with the plot, what scenes do you think they could have added that weren't there For example, miss Ellie bumping into Cliff in the street one day, having a wee chat, and thus giving those two a...
  13. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Character Miss Ellie playing piano

    just watched 'Starting over' and Miss Ellie is playing the Dallas theme music in the piano?! I'd forgotten about that. How hilarious. So Random. Like Pam, Lucy and bobby dancing to the Dallas theme in episode two. Lol
  14. Victoriafan3

    Bobby after Pam

    This is another query similar to what I asked before so the answer is prob just bad writing and they didn't care anymore. But why did they not bring Lois Chiles back after Pam left? Was she not available? I'm sure viewers would've accepted Holly a lot more than April. And they changed his...
  15. Victoriafan3

    Dallas Character Sue Ellen leaving

    hi this has prob been asked before Why didnt the writers get sue Ellen to leave happily ever after with dusty when Linda left? I never understood that? I'd stopped watching the show by then but always thought it would have been nice for them to get together as Linda was going? Was Jared not...