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    What was your biggest Knots dream come true?

    When Valene went nuts.
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    Zoom with Bobby Ewing!

    Linda Purl is “A-list”? Come back to reality, Linda, for God’s sake.
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    Watching Season 13 (DVD) for the First Time

    The whole thing about JR being so afraid of that movie is patently absurd. I don’t recall him being particularly alarmed by Valene’s book. In fact, he seemed pretty amused by it.
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    As great as Larry Hagman was, the show wasn’t the same without the Romeo/Juliet story of Bobby and Pam. You could even do the show without Romeo, because you would still have the dynamic of Juliet vs Romeo’s family (of course, the show did not execute well on this during the dream season). But...
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    Who must be in a continuation of the 3rd Generation?

    John Ross and Christopher and perhaps Lucas. That’s it for the third generation. No need for Margaret - she grew up in Washington away from Southfork so why would she be involved? Same for the Knots Landing twins. The problem with these fanfics is that people try to loop in every cousin...
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    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    I didn’t love how Donna became more stiff and uptight during her last few years on the show. I can’t see that later version of Donna going to a bar and decking Bonnie. But she was a great character until her last year or two.
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    The genius of the Katherine plot

    Or, “I just got Aaron Spelling‘s Glitter pilot and ABC is sure to pick it up to series, so time to wrap this up!”
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    The genius of the Katherine plot

    I guess you’re right - I just wish the ending of her plot didn’t seem so rushed and the move to full on crazy took a little more time.
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    Dallas Couples Ray and Donna - Appreciation Thread

    Even Ray and Connie the Psycho were better than Ray and Jenna.
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    Bobby and Pam rushed into remarriage

    Now, Swan Song is one of my favorite episodes and you gotta love those reconciliation scenes between Pam and Bobby. But the writers were rushing to get those two back together before Patrick Duffy’s exit, and it showed. First, there was no thought given to Jenna. “She’ll just have to...
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    The genius of the Katherine plot

    Katherine’s two faced act wasn’t mined nearly enough - they could have gotten a lot more mileage out of her before they turned her crazy. I know Morgan Brittany left to do Glitter, but it was a bit of a shame that we didn’t see a more gradual transition to full-on crazy. That’s the type of...
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    Emerald Point N.A.S. (1983-84)

    It had a great theme song! And that’s about it. Did love Sela Ward, tho. After the theme, she was the best thing about the show.
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    Dallas Character Ray Krebbs

    I liked him with Donna. I hated him with Jenna, with his fixation on Charlie’s love life.
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    Who was the worst character ever in Dallas?

    Yeah - I don’t get why Priscilla wasn’t written out during Pam’s dream. Later on, when Patrick Duffy came back, he sucked up more of the actor budget, so you saw a significant group of departures among the “Also Starring” cast at midseason, with no new characters coming onboard. So the show...
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    I like the idea of Pam living in the attic of Southfork. Or the basement, where she can play the organ and cover her face with a mask and they can use a different actress.
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    Chase Gioberti: worst character in falcon crest

    Chase was cold and humorless. But I think at least part of that was Robert Foxworth - the characters he plays are always like that. I did miss him when he was gone because the character was so vital to the plot. And as unlikeable as he could be, he was miles ahead of Clu Gulager, who played the...
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    Forgotten soaps of the 90's

    Department store - VERY glamorous. We’re lucky Berrenger’s didn’t take place at a supermarket. The opening credits would have shown clips of the food being scanned for purchase, the staff cleaning up spills in the aisles, the lotto counter, etc.
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    According to Barbara Curran’s book, they considered Dack Rambo as a Bobby recast at one point.
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    Yep, and it’s exactly why I don’t like the burned-to-a-crisp/fatal-disease-syndrome/kidnapping/blackmail/Pam-leaves-against-her-will plots. Because they can never properly be resolved without VP, and having those plot threads lingering in the background is unsatisfying.
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    Or maybe Pamela was a Fembot planted by the Jeremy or some other dastardly character. Bobby discovers this at the end of season 10 and the Fembot self destructs.