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  1. Jason73

    Classic Soaps Guiding Light

    I don't know why I have been craving classic soaps lately. Maybe I'm trying to escape 2020. I'm still thoroughly enjoying my time in 1985 Santa Barbara and Another World. I decided to check out a soap I had only seen very little of. I watched Guiding Light for a little while when Marcy...
  2. Jason73

    Party of Five Reboot

    It's earnest and emotional and a little bit political, but I'm liking it. (I don't mind emotional and political but earnest often puts me off.) The cast is very likable and I like the immigrant angle. It's definitely not edgy. It's sweet and kind of old fashioned and sappy. I find myself...
  3. Jason73

    Grand Hotel

    I loved the original, Spanish version, Gran Hotel, and mainly I was just curious about how badly ABC was going to ruin the wonderful soapiness that was the original. I watched the first episode trying to figure out who everyone is compared to the original but the problem is I can't really...
  4. Jason73

    Madonna - Madame X

    Madonna's 14th studio album will be titled Madame X. Still no official word on when it will be released.
  5. Jason73

    Days of Our Lives Robin Strasser joins Days

    Robin Strasser is joining Days as a recast Vivian Alamain. Vivian's son Nicholas has also been recast with GH's Brandon Barash. I've quit watching Days and switched to Y&R for the time being--mainly...
  6. Jason73

    Forum Outages

    Most of the time, when the forum goes down, a simple reboot of the server by @Ome or I can get it up and running again in a few minutes. Because neither Ome nor I are on Soap Chat 24/7, we are sometimes not aware when the forum goes down. We've created an email address that members can use to...
  7. Jason73

    Classic Soaps Santa Barbara

    I've been enjoying watching episodes of Another World from 1980 so much that I decided why not just fully immerse myself in 80's soap heaven and started watching episodes of Santa Barbara as well. I started with the first episode of the show, circa 1984. I've never seen the first year or so of...
  8. Jason73

    Carmen Duncan has died RIP. I really enjoyed her as Iris on Another World. I watched pretty much all of her run on the show and always thought it was a shame they never brought her back for the final episodes.
  9. Jason73

    U.S. Celebrity Big Brother 2019

    Coming next month . . .
  10. Jason73

    Netflix The Haunting of Hill House

    I've watched the first three episodes of this new Netflix series and I'm really liking it--a lot. It's soapy and also genuinely scary in parts. The scares are fun but the family drama is what is holding my interest. I binged the first three episodes today but I'm stopping until tomorrow...
  11. Jason73

    Power of Grayskull: The Definitive History of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

    This documentary on He-Man was fascinating and oh so nostalgic. I especially loved reminiscing about all the different toys I had. It made me wish I still had some of my He-Man and She-Ra action figures. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who played with the toys or watched the cartoon series...
  12. Jason73


    I'm pretty sure I've asked this before, but I can't find the thread. Maybe it was pre-crash. What podcasts do you listen to on a regular basis? I have a handful that I listen to weekly: Throwing Shade: Throwing Shade is the political comedy podcast hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi who...
  13. Jason73

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    I guess I'll probably check it out next month. I didn't realize Ross Lynch had been cast as Harvey. I like him.
  14. Jason73

    U.S. Celebrity Big Brother

    I have been wishing for years that the US version of Big Brother would try a celebrity version and now they finally are--starting Feb. 7. I can't wait! I wonder if they will borrow any of the format from the UK show or if it will be the US version, but with celebrities? I'd love to see things...
  15. Jason73

    Favorite Albums of 2017

    What were your favorite albums in 2017?
  16. Jason73

    Christmas Music Videos

    Just a place to post random Christmas themed music videos/songs that you are enjoying. I can't get enough of this one: @Ome for Christmas brought these guys to my attention thanks to a nomination by @Mel O’Kalikimaka :
  17. Jason73

    ArrowVerse Crisis On Earth-X

    This year's ArrowVerse crossover event takes place on just two nights. Monday Nov. 27 kicks it off with episodes from Supergirl and Arrow and then it all concludes the next day on The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Mixed in with all the crossover action, supposedly will be Barry and Iris'...
  18. Jason73

    Kimberlin Brown and Antonio Sabato Jr running for Congress

    Brown announced this week that she was running for Congress in California's 36th district. Sabato announced back in May that he was running for Congress in California's 26th District. Both are running as Republicans. They're both running in fairly liberal districts, so it will be interesting...
  19. Jason73

    The Flash The Flash Reborn (Season 4)

  20. Jason73

    Arrow Live to Fight Another Day (Season 6)