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  1. Gabriele

    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    Put Pamela in a coma or she had a breakdown and put her in an asylum
  2. Gabriele

    The Nunouz family

    The normal family are boring in the Soap universe...they disappered so fast...Blaisdel.Dynasty,,Logan-Bold and Beautiful,,Nunouz,-Falcon Crest,Andrade,Perkins-Santa Barbara
  3. Gabriele

    Wasted Characters

    Of course Dominique,,Jackie,,Linsday I would like to see Lindsay e Jackie as BITCHES GIRLS,party girls,they caused much problems ti their parents. I prefer Dominique vs Blake,vs Alexis A perfect scene in Carrington Mansion,with Adam,Amanda,Alexis,Steven,Blake,and,Krystel,and Tom Carrington...
  4. Gabriele

    Richard as the son of Jacqueline or Angela?

    I prefer Richard as Jacqueline's son. It was plausible. Why Douglas kindappend his own child? it was no beliveble
  5. Gabriele

    Alexis vs Sable vs Caresse vs Frankie

    I would like to see a scene between Alexis Sable Caresse and Frankie in the same room fighting each other ,speaking about the past
  6. Gabriele

    Netflix Elite

    I love it............
  7. Gabriele

    Aw, what would a goodbye threat be without Madam Grayson?,,cancel
  8. Gabriele

    The Bold and the Beautiful Watching The Bold and the Beautiful

    B&B need a change,more drama,intrigues ,business,violence,spy story. and bring back old cast Clarke,CJ,Macy,Connor,Zach,Felicia,Kristin,Margo,Amber,Karen
  9. Gabriele

    Dynasty: The Reunion Thoughts/Reviews

    Anyway Spelling and the Shapiros had no respect for the fans, the Reunion was a mess.How could they do that? The script,the locations,the cast changes were awful It could be better without this silly Reunion
  10. Gabriele

    Dynasty: The Reunion Thoughts/Reviews

    For me The Reunion was a Nightmare
  11. Gabriele

    4 Carrington Siblings never all together.

    Yes,i have always hoped to see a family dinner with 4 sibling speak and fight each other...Steven and Flallon agaist Adam and Amanda ahhh
  12. Gabriele

    Valley of the dolls 1994

    Somebody remember Valley of the dolls serial in 1994
  13. Gabriele

    Forgotten soaps of the 90's

    Somebody remember The Valley of the dolls in 1994 with Sharon Case and Sally Kirkland?
  14. Gabriele


    what,happened,to,zach hamilton,bold,and,beautiful
  15. Gabriele

    The.Bold.and.Beautiful, It.need.a.change...change.story.change.people. So.let' Change,the,tone,locations,bring.back.old.charaters Eric.has.a.breakdown.and.lose.his.memory.
  16. Gabriele

    Italian Knots openings

    Yes,exactly,Santa,Barbara,opening,was,different,in,the,beginning,in,the,final,years,they,showed,original,opening, like,Bold.and,
  17. Gabriele

    Italian Knots openings

    In.Italy.we.change.all.the.soap.operas's.intro...Santa.Barbara.General.Hospital. We.don't.change.Dallas,Dynasty,Falcon.Crest,for,example
  18. Gabriele

    Italian Knots openings

    Thanls,for,these,clips Im,ITALIAN :))))))))))))))))))))
  19. Gabriele

    Judith Krantz Dies Age 91

  20. Gabriele

    Old Dynasty fans do you watch Nu Dynasty?