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  1. Sarah

    The Haunting of Bly Manor

    I did really enjoy it but am glad I didn’t know it was a love story prior to watching. I like scary ghost stuff!!!! I thought it was great and very clever. Loved the relationship between Jamie and Dani. My one criticism is that Uncle Henry clearly modelled his accent on Prince Charles (it was...
  2. Sarah

    After All

    I THOUGHT IT WAS UN UPDATE!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Thanks for checking in Cee Cee! Come on Joe!! :spinning:
  3. Sarah

    Ghislaine Maxwell denies knowledge of Epstein’s abuse US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell said she never witnessed "inappropriate underage activities" by him, according to transcripts of a 2016 deposition. The deposition was made in a now-settled civil...
  4. Sarah

    TV Top Ten US Primetime Soap Operas

    Sorry I can't vote for them all as I haven't seen them all but my votes go to: 1. Dallas (1978) 2. Dallas (2012) 3. Knots Landing :)
  5. Sarah

    What was the last film you watched?

    I have a Roku stick and got Prime through that, then the movie was free @bmasters9
  6. Sarah

    What was the last film you watched?

    It was free :)
  7. Sarah

    JR and Sue Ellen One Shot Thread

    Thanks Karin! Good idea, I'm going to do that then try to piece it all together.
  8. Sarah

    Not in my living room A-Z

    Aw I'd love a wee gorilla in my living room @DallasFanForever ;) H - Hose
  9. Sarah

    Not in my living room A-Z

    F - Funnel Web Spider!
  10. Sarah

    What was the last film you watched?

    The Lie with Joey King. Absolutely brilliant, very clever movie.
  11. Sarah

    The Corona Virus

    My understanding of it is that it’s not a complete lockdown, but all our restaurants bars and non essential businesses have closed for a period of 4 weeks. You can only get food from supermarkets and takeaways - no sit in service. It was weird on Friday just seeing Belfast ‘stopping’.
  12. Sarah

    The Corona Virus

    Northern Ireland is doing what is termed a ‘circuit breaker’ for a month as our cases have sky rocketed.
  13. Sarah

    JR and Sue Ellen One Shot Thread

    But they try... they just can’t see through my shit eating JR grin
  14. Sarah

    JR and Sue Ellen One Shot Thread

    Thanks guys. Coincedentally I’ve discovered I will become rabid if interrupted when I’m reading a JR SE fanfic. Actually rabid @Honkytonkangel
  15. Sarah

    Would you wear this

    It’s probably blue and gold as well!
  16. Sarah

    Would you wear this

    No. It’s making me feel sick!
  17. Sarah

    The Most Annoying Advert In The History Of Humankind

    Try hearing it every five minutes. BAD BAD BAD!
  18. Sarah

    Month After Month

    February 1st 1901... The royal yacht, Alberta brings the body of Queen Victoria into Portsmouth harbour ahead of her London funeral the next day.
  19. Sarah

    Random things you find overrated

    I'm REALLY sorry but Ru Paul's Drag Race. I just can't. I did try. I just...I'm sorry. :embarrassed:
  20. Sarah

    TellyTalk's Top 5: Mariah Carey

    I loved Mariah when I was in my late teens/early twenties but went off her so much when she started letting everything hang out (literally) and adopted that diva like personality which she didn't have early on. She was so fresh and unspoiled. As for giving her kids those RIDICULOUS...