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  1. JR Ewing Fan

    Dallas Actors From Victoria Principal

    She does seem so happy. It's like she's at peace.
  2. JR Ewing Fan

    What Type Of Dallas Series Do You Want To See Now?

    Only problem with that is Gary already ran away from home before 1968. He couldn't be in the show.
  3. JR Ewing Fan

    I am glad that TNT Dallas happened.

    I do agree. It was probably the best storyline TNT Dallas had. It should have been addressed on the original show though. The only thing I didn't like was how cold Bobby was to the news.
  4. JR Ewing Fan

    Why Did They Get A New Actor To Play Gary?

    He did guest star on a KL episode though as a different character.
  5. JR Ewing Fan

    “New Miss Ellie on Dallas/August 30, 1984.”

    I think she did it because she was hurt. People say things they shouldn't out of desperation.
  6. JR Ewing Fan

    “New Miss Ellie on Dallas/August 30, 1984.”

    They dropped Jamie and Jack in out of nowhere. They could have figured something out.
  7. JR Ewing Fan

    “New Miss Ellie on Dallas/August 30, 1984.”

    'I was stunned when they said I was to replace Barbara. I thought they'd planned to have me play a new addition to the series." It would have been better if it was another character. She might have been accepted a lot more.
  8. JR Ewing Fan

    Tilton On Vp: “she’s A Real B-tch!”

    The only thing I saw him in that year was an episode of Arthur Hailey's Hotel and that was early in the season.
  9. JR Ewing Fan

    Nielsen Ratings & Show Popularity

    It consistently beat the media's darling Hill Street Blues year after year.
  10. JR Ewing Fan

    A Theory For What We Saw Happen In The Waning Days Of Dallas

    Ellie was the only one who said that Wes confessed to being a fraud. We never heard it out of him personally. For all we know he could have told her that he was Jock but was leaving because he didn't want to hurt her anymore and the family was never going to accept him anyway. He did tell...
  11. JR Ewing Fan

    In Between “fall Of The House Of Ewing” And “after The Fall: Ewing Rise.”

    Good question. I really can't see how she survived that. lol
  12. JR Ewing Fan

    Did You Stop Watching?

    I started watching in the episode Black Market Baby and watched it all the way until the final episode. Then I watched the 2 reunion movies.
  13. JR Ewing Fan

    How would you define each era of DALLAS?

    1978-1985 The Golden Years 1985-1987 Still pretty good although has a few speed bumps in the road. lol 1987-1989 The Mediocre years-a few good stories but also too much camp 1989-1991 The awful years-most of the cast that made Dallas great are gone The TNT Years-Not really Dallas-the less said...
  14. JR Ewing Fan

    Happy Birthday Laurie Marr!

    Happy birthday. I hope you have a great day.
  15. JR Ewing Fan

    Dallas Actors A Message To The Fans From Sly & Phyllis. :)

    Thanks so much for posting this. They are so sweet. It's wonderful seeing how they still care about the fans and Dallas.
  16. JR Ewing Fan

    Pam's Dream

    Dallas finally had competition that year as Miami Vice was put against it. It hurt both shows but Dallas won in the end. A lot of people quit watching after the dream was announced but all in all that season was a success. Problem was that the show just got worse the longer it ran and ratings...
  17. JR Ewing Fan

    Dallas Character Lamest Dallas Character Ever

    April was the last of the regular characters I actually liked. Probably because I didn't care if Bobby and Pam ended up together. I liked Jenna too. lol
  18. JR Ewing Fan

    Ken Kercheval Has Died - Now Confirmed 21/04/19

    Just beautiful. Thanks for posting.
  19. JR Ewing Fan

    Do you consider the character of Cliff dead.........

    They ignored the reunion movies so I ignore TNT.