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  1. Mike

    Linda's Gown

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had a front picture of the gown? I love the cut out back.The gown was made by Nolan Miller.
  2. Mike

    Joan Collins Store

    Does everyone know about this?Joan's store at ,
  3. Mike

    Aaron Kirman

    :bl2:Hi Everyone. I was wondering if anyone ever watch's shows like Million dollar listing L.A or New York? I like a guy on Secret Lives of the Super Rich, His name is Aaron Kirman. He has a new show coming soon called Listing Impossible. Will you be watching?
  4. Mike

    Now I know

    Now I know why Alexis was all wise mad at Krystle :laugh1::laugh1::laugh1::laugh1:
  5. Mike

    Has Anyone Seen Mayhem?

    It stars Steven Yeun,I have to say this movie is great.I do no recommend alot of movies,I will this one.4/5 I am not going say alot about the plot.I will just say it is not really a zombie movie.If you ever thought of killing your coworker this is for you.I hope everyone enjoys this movie.
  6. Mike

    Has anyone seen The Walking Deceased ?

    This movie is a parody or spoof of The Walking Dead and Zombieland and Warm Bodies.I give 3/5
  7. Mike

    I hope this show get's more.....

    Get's more sax and violins.:hl:
  8. Mike

    Season 8 Picture

    Our favorite couple. are back.
  9. Mike

    Actor Stephen Furst has died

    People will him from Animal House and Babylon 5 at the age of 63.Very sad.R.I.P.
  10. Mike

    Glenne Heady has died

    Actress Glenne Heady has died.She was 62yrs old.You will remember her from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Dick Tracy and many more roles.Very sad.
  11. Mike

    Celebrity Apprentice Anyone???

    Is anyone watching Celebrity Apprentice with The Governor ? I like it,it is different from the other twit.
  12. Mike

    Old movies that you like about,near or around Christmas.

    I have three,The man who came to dinner,It happened on 5th Avenue and Fitzwilly.The man who came to dinner is pure joy and Bette Davis and Monty Woolley are great in it.It happened on 5th Avenue is not as well know,but should be.A homeless man who lives in mansions well the owners are away and...
  13. Mike

    Dressing them!!!!!!!

    Know no has said who will be dressing them. Know one can come close to the late great Nolan Miller.Who ever it is has big big shoes to fill.
  14. Mike

    Not sure!!!!!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place for this.I came across this and thought that Lucille is all over the place.My other thought was Negan should be the only one using the bat.Trump is causing other problems.
  15. Mike

    Everyone say "Eye"

    Less commercials,Yes please..LOL
  16. Mike

    Carol's Cookies

    Has anyone tried to make Carol's cookies Yet?I think I will try and make them for this Christmas.
  17. Mike

    Negan's son has Lucille!

    Great pic of Lucille with Jensen Ackles.
  18. Mike

    Princess Stephanie

    Stephanie Beacham is portraying Princess Margaret.
  19. Mike

    Glenn's Obituary