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  1. Arlene Halloran

    Land is everything - Ellie of DALLAS and Angela of FALCON CREST.

    Just being curious Jock Og would you have preferred if Richard had remained Jacqueline's son, rather than the revelation that he was stolen by her and was actually Angela's son?
  2. Arlene Halloran

    The showdown, 30 years later.

    Wow! The scene outside Chase's mansion must be the number one, between the two warring grandmothers. We learned a lot, in a short space of time.
  3. Arlene Halloran

    Ana-Alicia's interview 'The Hour'.....

    Yellow suits Ana. Overall a nice interview.
  4. Arlene Halloran

    Sean Connery has died aged 90

    Ah Sean Connery was a great actor. Gone but not forgotten Mr. Bond the 1st.
  5. Arlene Halloran

    Falcon Crest In A Pop Song

    I wonder if Jane ever performed the charleston dance? I think she would have been a Strictly top mover.
  6. Arlene Halloran

    Land is everything - Ellie of DALLAS and Angela of FALCON CREST.

    Jason's alcoholism irrespective of Jacqueline leaving him and taking Chase with her was another variable in making Angela more determined to preserve and extend her vineyards. The manipulation of Jasper according to the FC bible was a masterstroke from decades before the show was up and...
  7. Arlene Halloran

    Kim Novak in LA Times 1987.

    Well Jane didn't succeed in her desire to get guest star Kim Novak, to return in autumn 1987. It seems though Kit's alter ego had gave the idea some thought, as commented in the LA Times.
  8. Arlene Halloran

    "Vintage" novel VS "Falcon Crest" series

    Oh so much better. Apart from the title TVY should have been an extra, on the season 1 DVD if and that's a big if the legalities were addressed.
  9. Arlene Halloran

    Falcon Crest In A Pop Song

    Jane performed with Bing Crosby away back in the day, in an nice duet. That a girl, you go for it.
  10. Arlene Halloran

    Ann Marcus on Her FC Tenure

    The Nazi story should have went to the end of the season. Ann's interview is eye opening.
  11. Arlene Halloran

    Angela in Greece, for some of the final year?

    A dramatic Angela exit was a must and what a way to go for her, after all she done / said at the hands of evil bxxtxxd St. James (storyline or not). Chao-Li was just too late for comatose Angela. Why did he go away that night?
  12. Arlene Halloran

    FC new interior colour scheme

    Angela's portrait even got a makeover :D. Jock Og what a class scene between Emma and Angela, in your post. I always felt Emma was her favourite. Angela didn't chastise the wee bean as much as Julia or Richard.
  13. Arlene Halloran

    Meredith Braxton

    A gun loving nanny Falcon Crest style and on Angela's payroll too. Meredith might even have been the number one 80s nanny out of Dallas, Dynasty, FC and KL.
  14. Arlene Halloran

    Spiritual FC.

    Fr. Bob Curtis seemed to be a very nice man. Sadly he died in 2004, 3 years before his dear friend Jane Wyman.
  15. Arlene Halloran

    Spiritual FC.

    Throughout a nine year run FC had a spiritual undertone, to make it distinctive from the other three. There was Father Bob Curtis a real life catholic priest in the cast, leading star Jane Wyman was a devout catholic and in quite a bizarre twist Julia became a nun. I liked the spiritual...
  16. Arlene Halloran

    The lush vineyards and Cole hands on.

    Lance being bad was so much more interesting to watch than Cole being good. After all the good guys nearly always finish last, sad though nevertheless true. Also there were far more corrupt ppl around those vineyards and in the city than the saints. However you need the saints for the evil...
  17. Arlene Halloran

    Streaming Season 4 on Amazon Prime...

    We need another run on CBS Drama and also Knots.
  18. Arlene Halloran

    Angela's Final Soliloquy

    Just before Father Bob gives his last blessing and Angela goes down memory lane Maggie makes a cameo, as a ghost. Richard is the only person to see her through a window, as she is outside at the vineyard.
  19. Arlene Halloran

    Julia's nightmare in prison.

    "The bird is on the wing." Whackey happenings. Poor poor Julia.
  20. Arlene Halloran

    Angela's Final Soliloquy

    Yikes what a first memory for both shows. As pleasing as Angela's closure was, in my view there should have been photos or videos of everyone mentioned. This would have been a nice feature.