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  1. Andrew Baker

    Dynasty reboot a bit?

    Surprised to see Dynasty on a list of how to do reboots right It is obviously doing better than I thought. I enjoy some of it but always surprised it keeps getting renewed!
  2. Andrew Baker

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S2E13: Even Worms Can Procreate

    Well that escalated quickly..... After my list of why I was nearly giving up in the ep. 12 thread I am now excited again for the next episode. What an ending and feels good to be excited for the next episode. The twist on the original was fantastic and if Mark is departed gives us 2...
  3. Andrew Baker

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S02E12 Filthy Games

    I watch every week in the hope that this is the episode Alexis becomes the character we want. I can't for the life of me figure out why it is so hard for the show bosses to make this happen? Unfortunately they have burned the character of Fallon out - who gives a monkeys anymore what she does...
  4. Andrew Baker

    Would Heather Locklear have been better than Nicollette?

    I wonder why the writers have taken Alexis in such a different direction this time? She is not the same character. Is it to keep Fallon central?
  5. Andrew Baker

    What I'd like To See When "You Know Who" Arrives *Spolier*

    I really don't get it. This story line is making my head hurt
  6. Andrew Baker

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01E14 Gospel According To Blake Carrington

    Found it the best episode yet and the first time watching I am looking forward to the next episode. It is t the original but I am beginning to like it for what it is.
  7. Andrew Baker

    Dynasty - now on streaming on CW Seed

    What possible reason was a stunt double needed for this scene?
  8. Andrew Baker

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S01e05: Company Slut

    I must admit, I am really not routing for this Cristal at all. In fact, I really hope this time, Alexis gets her man!