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  1. Tina Ewing

    Recent DALLAS articles and covers

    Most recent article on Patrick I found on ebay. Also here's the link to the article online:
  2. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy to guest star in season 2 finale of 'Station 19'

    The pic's from 2017 so no news on haircut yet. Or as Patrick himself calls it 'Ponytail Watch' lol. Stay tuned :D
  3. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy to guest star in season 2 finale of 'Station 19'

    'Station 19' Scores Nyle DiMarco and Patrick Duffy for Season 2 Finale The firefighters of Station 19 are about to meet two "instrumental" people at the end of the season. Nyle DiMarco (Dancing With the Stars, This Close) and Patrick Duffy (Dallas) have joined the cast of the ABC...
  4. Tina Ewing

    Happy Birthday Bobby - as Patrick Duffy turns 70 on March 17!

    Happiest of birthdays to my all time favorite actor whom I'll always love no matter what his hairstyle looks like :p :hp:
  5. Tina Ewing

    Recent DALLAS articles and covers

    Well, the article basically says that Linda is ready to move on with her life. She's selling her house and says that there are things more important to her than a big house. She says that she and Patrick have always had a special relationship and special connection to each other and they talk on...
  6. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy on American Housewife

    Patrick tweeted he will cut it someday so you just have to be patient, Barbara ;) But I'm kinda jealous of the quality of his hair and how thick his ponytail is. Got myself a haircut when I was 12 and bye-bye great hair. One of the...
  7. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy moved to tears by BBG's acting in this Dallas scene...

    In this 1-hour long interview that took place at Series Mania Festival in Lille, France at the beginning of May, Patrick Duffy talks about the important stages of his career which were, of course Man from Atlantis and his role of Bobby in Dallas. About 20 minutes into the interview the audience...
  8. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Patrick Duffy to sell some of his art collection at Sothebys

    The whole video gives off a very positive vibe. I sure will rewatch it a couple more times and I wish it was longer. I personally am not into art but I like Patrick & Carlyn's collection. And the story behind the Hunting Couple picture is very interesting. What I liked the most about the video...
  9. Tina Ewing

    DALLAS 40th Anniversary Articles ...from different magazines.

    Thanks for sharing all these with us, DALLASguy! Ohh so many German articles! Makes me wanna slap myself for giving up on studying German after graduating high school...
  10. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors New Exclusive Ultimate Dallas Interview from 40th Event! :)

    Is it really a 16 and half minute long video? Because it sure seemed like five minutes when I watched it the first time :) I'd listen to them talk for hours though I have to say that some things/stories get overtalked (not particularly in this interview but in general). IMO there's still much...
  11. Tina Ewing

    Recent DALLAS articles and covers

    He says he feels Carlyn's presence every single day. He's still married to her and wears his wedding ring and has the pictures of her in his cell phone. When he has a chance to spend time with his children and grandchildren on his ranch in Oregon, he feels Carlyn's still around. :cry:
  12. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors DALLAS cast on Good Morning Texas talking the Anniversary - VIDEO The very first question is about the ponytail :D
  13. Tina Ewing

    Bobby's Hair

    He still got it, I can't help myself! :love7:
  14. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    Hello y'all! I thought I'd share my newest creation with you, a Bobby&Pam banner inspired by one of my favorite scenes with them. Hope you like it ;) Anyway, it's a shame that Victoria isn't attending the 40th anniversary event. I'd love to see her and Patrick reunited again.
  15. Tina Ewing

    Happy Birthday @Tina Ewing

    Aww, thank you so much everyone! :ch:
  16. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Couples Bobby & Pam - Appreciation thread

    She was soo pretty. No need for "improvements" like plastic surgeries (same for Priscilla Presley).
  17. Tina Ewing

    Dallas Actors Y&R's Jess Walton and B&B's Patrick Duffy to play spouses in Netflix film 'Christmas With a View'

    He looks like that since his wife passed away. I'd say he just needs time.