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  1. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character 21 November - 40th anniversary of 'Who Shot JR'?

    I do remember that long summer. I thought it was Cliff, and I remember thinking that it was ridiculous that my sister thought it was Miss Ellie. LOL. I had watched it sporadically the previous season, but that whole storyline got me hooked, and I rarely missed an episode after that until some...
  2. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character 21 November - 40th anniversary of 'Who Shot JR'?

    I love the photo of Mary and Larry. I've seen other photos from that same episode, but never that one.
  3. Top Jimmy

    The Most Hated Character on "Dallas"

    I would say Dandy was the most irritating short-term character. He had no redeemable qualities and watching him once was enough. I don't think I've ever watched his batch of episodes more than once. It's hard to choose just one, but there were several season-long or long-term characters that...
  4. Top Jimmy

    The genius of the Katherine plot

    It's true that Pam often seemed self-absorbed when talking with Katherine. However, Pam did have a moment of realization about this when she learned Katherine had come back from a vacation to Italy, Rome I think. I'm not sure if she told Pam exactly where she went (Kat went there to find out...
  5. Top Jimmy

    Most Obvious Plot Hole In Dallas

    I was just thinking of Rebecca's leaving Digger after he killed Hutch McKinney. She kept trying to justify leaving her kids by saying Digger wouldn't have agreed to a divorce and would have tried to drag her back into that "awful life." Well, since he murdered your lover in front of you...
  6. Top Jimmy

    Most Obvious Plot Hole In Dallas

    tommie is right - according to this article, it is difficult to find usable fingerprints on a gun. Plus, it seemed like Kristin was trying to be careful not to leave fingerprints by the way she was just barely touching and holding the gun by its trigger. Of course, it would have made more sense...
  7. Top Jimmy

    I wanted Diana to become unhinged.....

    This may have been shared before. If so, it bears repeating. Every member in the cast should have taken turns dealing with Diana like this.
  8. Top Jimmy

    Powerful Statements From Dallas

    I like Mr. Eugene's dialogue with Kristin. When I give advice... smart people take it.
  9. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character Afton Cooper - the snake in the grass.

    Aside from her goofy singing and start as a trampy gold digger, Afton was an awesome character. Yes, it was nasty of her to sleep with JR at her own brother's wedding, and Sarah was right in that she was hypocritical to accuse Sue Ellen of stealing her man. However, as Kenny pointed out, she was...
  10. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character Characters disappeared from our memory

    How about Matt Devlin, who had kind of a infatuation/friendship with Miss Ellie?
  11. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character Characters disappeared from our memory

    Alan Beam's girlfriend was Betty Lou Barker. Lucy's nemesis was Betty - don't know or remember if her last name was even revealed.
  12. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character Characters disappeared from our memory

    What about dopey Dandy Dandridge?
  13. Top Jimmy

    Dallas Character Sue Ellen’s father’s name

    How about Sam Shepard, like the American actor?
  14. Top Jimmy

    JR and Miss Ellie

    There was a playful moment between the two in an early episode, sometime in the 1978-79 season. I don't remember the exact details, but I think Miss Ellie walks in or witnesses a rare affectionate moment between Sue Ellen and JR in their bedroom. I think they may have had sex, or it may have...
  15. Top Jimmy

    Miss Ellie's Sack Dresses

    In answer to Matthew's question, even though she may have worn some before, the "sack dresses" really become noticeable during the 1982-83 (fight for Ewing Oil) season. The season before when Jock died, she was slimmer and I believe her health and weight issues shortly after may have prompted...
  16. Top Jimmy

    What's going on in this Season 2 scene...?

    The characters are natural and are not following the soon-to-be "static acting directive" of the following seasons. They are even gesturing, especially Fallon!
  17. Top Jimmy

    The Golden Girls

    In the episode "Stan's Return" from season 1, Stan visits Dorothy from Maui and says he needs her signature/approval to sell land they bought when they were on their honeymoon in Miami. So the implication is that Dorothy liked the area or had sentimental reasons for moving to Miami. I don't...
  18. Top Jimmy

    Our Own Dallas Trivia Game

    Good job, Kenny and Taylor! I must confess I'm drawing a blank on who Lyle Sloan is. The only other people I thought of were Barnes cousin Jimmy Monahan, Ewing servant Raoul, and technically, Pam Ewing (recast for one episode only).
  19. Top Jimmy

    Our Own Dallas Trivia Game

    How many times did "Dallas" recast their characters and can you name them all (doesn't matter how big or small the role)?