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  1. AndyLaird

    1986: primetime soaps, instinctive timelines, listening to nature, etc...

    I like to see Dynasty as the love-child of a daytime soap opera and a telenovela, but shot in the style of a classic Hollywood movie. The novel structure comes from the fact that it opens with a fractured family with Blake, his estranged wife and two troubled children. As it progresses, a new...
  2. AndyLaird

    Dynasty: Season 7 Thoughts

    It is probably the only time that amnesia has genuinely enhanced a soap's plotting and drama, as opposed to being lazy and tedious, and/or to disguise a "retcon".
  3. AndyLaird

    Books about Dynasty

    We ought not to overlook Krystle's backstory with Matthew and then Blake... Dynasty: Sex and the Single Stenographer
  4. AndyLaird

    Books about Dynasty

    Dynasty: The Policeman's Secret (why Fallon split up with Zorelli)
  5. AndyLaird

    Books about Dynasty

    This is great, we can make a whole book series. And it would be a much better way to monetise the brand than what's on the CW at the moment. Willie, I realise you were joking, but I would definitely buy some of those titles!
  6. AndyLaird

    Books about Dynasty

    Considering how successful Dynasty was, and how keen they were to merchandise it with clothes, scents, dolls etc., it surprises me that there weren't more books published about it - behind the scenes, companions or novelisations. I have the "Authorized Biography of the Carringtons", the...
  7. AndyLaird

    Dynasty II: The Colbys

    It's the "II" that goes too far, I think. They should have gone for a franchise approach and just called it Dynasty: The Colbys, but then keep that as a permanent name. The original could have stayed as Dynasty but could also have been renamed Dynasty: The Carringtons. Or they could have gone...
  8. AndyLaird

    Should Krystle's big sister, Iris, have reappeared?

    I'm not a fan of "back from the dead" stories (such a cliche) so I will say no. They could perhaps have said Iris was missing not dead, so they could bring her in when they needed her to create a plot, and this may have been good for season 10. They did sometimes "seed" characters by having...
  9. AndyLaird

    Dynasty: The Reunion (1991)

    I love it and would definitely buy it. However I think it's clear that the reason it hasn't been released by CBS Paramount isn't because they don't think it's good enough or that there's a market for it - it must be because they don't have the rights. Somebody needs to sort that out because...
  10. AndyLaird

    The second half of Season Six

    You're not alone, I liked it. Yes it's daft and daytime soap-y, but people underestimate some of the truly bizarre things that do actually happen, especially with a family like the Carringtons. I also liked George Hamilton's performance. I am glad they didn't keep her locked up in the same...
  11. AndyLaird

    Dynasty On Cbs Drama

    Has anybody been watching the CBS Drama showings? No "Last time on Dynasty" segments, but I don't know if they are exactly the same as the DVDs or if there are any differences, extra scenes etc.?
  12. AndyLaird

    When should they ended the storyline ....

    The rivalry between Blake and Alexis became the defining feature of the show so I can understand they were reluctant to let it go. It felt forced in s8 when after having got onto more peaceful terms they became rivals for governorship so they could have dropped it before then, and reached the...
  13. AndyLaird

    If the Shapiros had had their way...

    Thanks, that is really interesting. I agree with your assessment of season 1. However it is also quite slow paced at times, and I don't think that helped it, especially when it was being compared against Dallas. So whilst I like season 1, I don't have a problem with the way the show evolved...
  14. AndyLaird

    Credits For Directing An Episode

    I too have often wondered why Spelling (Dynasty) and Katzman (Dallas) preferred flat lighting. I guess another reason may be that it presumably makes it much quicker to set up each shot, thereby keeping production on schedule and budget? Perhaps Snarky's Ghost or someone can confirm. There used...
  15. AndyLaird

    If the Shapiros had had their way...

    I'm not sure about that. Remember Steven had an affair with Claudia in the first season, so the fact that he had some sexual attraction to women was there from the start. And it's in season 2, the Pollocks' season, that he made his "Steven is gay" speech - which is pretty unequivocal. I don't...
  16. AndyLaird

    If the Shapiros had had their way...

    There are a lot of season 1 fans on here, which was the year Dynasty was closest to the Shapiros' original vision. They were interested in the rivalry between the Carringtons and the middle class Blaisdels, and in critiquing power and wealth as much as, or more than, celebrating it. So what...
  17. AndyLaird

    Was The Colbys a flop?

    I'd leave it as it was. Not a fan of "back from the dead" storylines but this one was as plausible as they ever are.
  18. AndyLaird


    Indeed, I had often wondered about that. You'd think 20th Century Fox would have objected to their using the "Fox" name.
  19. AndyLaird

    Was The Colbys a flop?

    Well it could happen to anyone... :-) Fair point though. It's another reason why I prefer to see TC as, in effect, an extra episode per week of Dynasty, continuing the Fallon and Jeff story and adding new storylines with Jeff's relatives, not as a standalone show.
  20. AndyLaird

    Dynasty On Cbs Drama

    Well we've now seen how the pilot was aired as a three-parter - basically they just copied and pasted the same end credits to conclude all three parts. For the opening of parts 2 and 3, they used the white text version of the season 1 credits. No effort was made to add the...