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  1. Milescolby

    Amanda: One Daughter Too Many

    I felt sorry for Karen at the time and still do now. She wasn’t a terrible actress (Catherine Oxenberg was really awful at times but her bearing and charisma carried her through), just badly miscast and badly advised. And then badly treated. If she had been cast in a different part, she may...
  2. Milescolby

    Opening Credit oddities

    I always thought it was odd that in S9 certain recurring characters didn’t get into the credits - mainly Zorelli and Virginia, maybe even Joanna. Well, actually maybe not Joanna. But the other two at least were important to the plot. A far cry from earlier seasons when it seemed like someone...
  3. Milescolby

    Liz Gillies' quarantine photoshoot of Dynasty cast members

    And actually, I would like Steven back really, but 14 regular cast would somewhat be stretching it... (15 with Amanda!)
  4. Milescolby

    Liz Gillies' quarantine photoshoot of Dynasty cast members

    Also, looking at that photo makes me think this is finally the cast that makes this show work. Good writing pending (to give each character enough purpose), I really hope they stick with each of them. The audience really needs that consistency now after all the changes.
  5. Milescolby

    Liz Gillies' quarantine photoshoot of Dynasty cast members

    Totally. Wakeema Hollis is the most effortlessly glamorous woman in the cast. The only reason I can think of for them to have used Vanessa so much is for the whole reality TV with Dominique storyline. Monica would have been way too smart to stand for that crap. Monica to be a regular in S4 please!
  6. Milescolby

    What was wrong with Lindsay?

    I remember the photo of Katy Kurtzman with some assorted cast members at one of their many reunions a few years back. Still cringe at the inappropriateness of her closeness with Bo Hopkins in the photo.... :eek: :fp:
  7. Milescolby

    Season 3 on Netflix

    No. 5 in the UK this week on the Flix of Net. I know it’s hopeless at times as a show, but I would like to see it continue past S4 too. It really hit its stride in S3 and I think the success now is well deserved IMO.
  8. Milescolby

    Nathalie Kelley Sheds Light on Her Controversial Exit: 'I Wasn't Up to the Challenge'

    IMO Nathalie was good in S1. She also oozed glamour in a way I don’t think any of the other female cast did then or have since then (perhaps Wakeema Hollis, but she’s now vanished too). And the show needed/needs the glamour. They were absolutely crazy to fire her. And judging by Daniella...
  9. Milescolby

    Cristal dying ruined the show

    Daniella Alonso has been axed already?? :omg:
  10. Milescolby


    Pigeons learn faster than the writers on the show. They royally screwed up C1 while the powers that be assumed the problem was Nathalie Kelley. Shame that they’d finally got it right with the character and NK was working really well by the time they roasted her in the loft - IMO underlining the...
  11. Milescolby


    Yes! That’s exactly it! Thanks for expressing it so much better! But again too, it’s the lack of natural warmth. Cristal needs I think to be a much warmer character - and the writers completely ruined that. Hopefully things get better after the festive break. You gotta be optimistic, right??
  12. Milescolby


    The writing remains the biggest problem for Cristal. I really liked Daniella in the first couple of episodes, but perhaps partly because of the novelty factor. But then the writers made her a one dimensional mob princess, and what makes this worse is that Daniella doesn’t come across as being...
  13. Milescolby

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S03E05: Mother? I'm at La Mirage

    I recall the interview with the new show runner just before the start of the season, in which he said that Cristal was being written this season as ‘less scary, and more real’, or words to that effect. I’d say we’ve yet to see it. It was kind of an interesting twist to see them be Bonnie &...
  14. Milescolby

    nuDynasty Spoilers All Casting News And Spoilers For S4

    Fantastic news - I've only seen her in clips when her name was mooted months ago but I remember thinking how spot on she seemed! Yes!!
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    Season 3 - No Netflix in France in 2019

    Ooh, sounds good! Thanks for the heads-up!
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    Season 3 - No Netflix in France in 2019

    I was mid-way through cancelling it the other day for this very reason, and then remembered I’d actually like to see S3 of The Crown next month! If they release that in a one-r though then I may binge on that then cancel. There’s not a huge amount on Netflix that looks that compelling. And...
  17. Milescolby

    Season 3 - No Netflix in France in 2019

    It's not on Netflix UK either (at time of writing, I have checked periodically during the day). Thanks to the magic of VPN I managed to log onto the CW site in the US and stream from there.
  18. Milescolby

    nuDynasty Episode Chat S3E01: Guilt Trip to Alaska (Season Premiere)

    Is anyone else in the UK getting anywhere with the new episode on Netflix? I wasn’t sure whether it was only certain countries Netflix wasn’t adding it as per the other posts - but it’s not on Netflix UK yet...
  19. Milescolby

    nuDynasty Spoilers All Casting News And Spoilers For S4

    So, not a Spoiler but some speculation: Ana Brenda Contreras was absent from the cast readthrough picture mentioned elsewhere, and while other cast members are putting up photos of themselves back on set, ABC has been posting photos on her Instagram of her doing other things, has demoted the...
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    Can they just end this now?

    Oops! My bad, apologies - must have been multi-tasking. So actually that's even less of a tenuous achievement than I originally thought...:think: