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  1. Shannon

    The Big Brother Big Reveal Thread

    I'm in awe @Richard Channing :fantastic: You played two characters who couldn't have been more different and you spoke to yourself several! If it hadn't been for the secret task by Charles and Aris I would never have guessed.
  2. Shannon

    The Big Brother Big Reveal Thread

    nooooooo! :lolo:
  3. Shannon

    The Live Final - The Winner is....

    wow! the crowd are going crazy out here! well played Aris! and Laquisha! to you both! and very well done Aris! :jum: :yeah: :jum: you've made Greece proud! xxx
  4. Shannon

    The Live Final - The Winner is....

    *shouts from the VIP area outside* well done Charlie Charles!!
  5. Shannon

    The Live Final - The Winner is....

    I knew it! you're all my best friends for life! good luck see you later!! bye you guys! I love you all!
  6. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Day Twenty Seven: The Final

    no way! you're both gonna be loved and Aris has been on a journey in here! I'm shaking like a rattlesnake! lets hold hands!
  7. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Day Twenty Seven: The Final

    thanks Laquisha and you look stunning! all those diamonds!! I'm ready! if they boo me I'm gonna boo right back at them! I can't breathe! how are the rest of you feeling?
  8. Shannon

    The Live Final - The Winner is....

    Congrats! Megan!!! gee! listen to all the cheers the crowd love you! go girl! see you soon Megan!!
  9. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Day Twenty Seven: The Final

    I'm finally ready! the bathroom is all yours Aris! I had to spend 5 hours in the shower, trouble with the spray tan, don't ask!
  10. Shannon

    How do you plan to spend the last days in this house?

    I need to spend a long time in the bathroom and I mean a very long time! I have legs that need waxing, eyebrows to shape, nails to polish, a spray tan to do, my hair needs a deep conditioning treatment, the list is endless! I guess I'm a tiny bit vain, but I want to look my best for the boo's!
  11. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Which was your worse day in the house?

    are you all on secret tasks starting new threads? anyway, I thought I’d join in! my worse day in the house was being suspected by Charles and Aris as being a fake! it was hearing the results of that task which made me realise you couldn’t trust anyone in here (a little too late for me because...
  12. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Which Ex-Housemate Would You Have Liked In The Final?

    I think Titan and Chad could've both turned it around if they'd had longer in the house and might have been strong contenders to win! neither of them had enough time in the house to form strong bonds with the rest of us, so I feel we didn't get to know them very well! of course I thought Titan...
  13. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip What was your most memorable day in the house?

    the eviction battle was a fab experience! I'm not competitive enough because I wasn't worried about winning that task, I just needed to beat someone and I thought I'd be safe! I did try to get you all into my thread and couldn't get anyone to bite, so in the end I gave up as I thought I had...
  14. Shannon

    Do You Regret anything you have done in the house?

    I've regretted a few of the answers I've wrongly given in the tasks, but apart from that, no! all the experiences of living in this house (good and bad) have left me with some lifelong memories!
  15. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip Day Twenty Seven: The Final

    I'm happy with this Laquisha! I'm gonna miss sharing with you when we leave, we've had many secret chats under the covers, you were the first to know about Titan!
  16. Shannon

    SCBB Gossip What are you looking forward to when you leave?

    poor girl, she must have been devastated! such a romantic date, you must have been quite a catch!
  17. Shannon

    SCBB House The Garden

    has anyone heard any shouting over the wall today? its all gone quiet out here, I hope it doesn't mean people are not watching the show!
  18. Shannon

    SCBB House The Kitchen

    that was gorge as always thanks! have you ever considered writing a book of celebrity recipes Charles? :D