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  1. Christophersmom

    What was your opinion of Clayton Farlow?

    I liked Clayton He was a good match with Ms Ellie after Jock died ..
  2. Christophersmom

    Dallas Drives: the cars used in the series

    Bobby's first benz from season 1 and Pams Vette were always my favs. I got the matchbox vette that they put out in the Dallas series cars :) bought it at Toys R US :)
  3. Christophersmom

    What are you making for dinner tonight?

    breakfast for dinner :)
  4. Christophersmom

    First actor-celebrity crushes

    Bo Duke and Bobby Ewing :)
  5. Christophersmom

    Trying to eat healthy

    yay another 1.5 lbs loss today :) i have been at a plateau standstill the past 2 weeks.
  6. Christophersmom

    What celebrity do you resemble...?

    I get told Demi Lovato
  7. Christophersmom

    Trying to eat healthy

    I cut out sodas and doing light walking and have lost 17 lbs ... so far now im at a plateau and stuck but i feel pretty accomplished found out alot of my stomach problems have been due to something in soda ... so had to give that up
  8. Christophersmom

    I´m back

    i am back as well HEY ALL :)
  9. Christophersmom

    The Jack Ewing laugh o'meter.

    thats pretty funny :) never noticed him doing that either
  10. Christophersmom

    Personality Test

  11. Christophersmom

    Which is your favorite season?

    season 6 dvd 5 orginal " the battle for control of Ewing Oil " I thought this was the most exciting season of all of Dallas ....
  12. Christophersmom

    Dallas Character Who was your least favorite out of Sue Ellen's affairs or boyfriends?

    I have to vote Peter I did not like that story line at all ... kinda yuck....
  13. Christophersmom

    Your favorite couple on the show was...

    John Ross and Pamela :)
  14. Christophersmom

    What did you like the most about the New Dallas?

    Larry , Patrick , Josh
  15. Christophersmom

    john ross and Christopher appreciation thread

    I like both ... but I really like Josh Henderson I think he did an excellent job as John Ross without him I dont think I would have cared for the new Dallas.
  16. Christophersmom

    What did you NOT like the most about the New Dallas?

    The way Cliff was changed to be evil instead of goofy .
  17. Christophersmom

    How long have you been a fan of Dallas?

    Original run... I was a child during the Original run but loved to watch ... Dad got me into it he was a big JR fan ...
  18. Christophersmom

    Dallas Fan Videos My Dallas Music Videos! :)

    Hey Karin , Its Sandy :) Good to see you have reposted this thread . I will go thru your videos and check them out . . I have made a new user name since we are starting all over , just decided to use this one since it fits my favorite Dallas lady and it fits me as well :) Hopefully I can...