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    What Type Of Dallas Series Do You Want To See Now?

    Apparently Josh Henderson wants to bring Dallas back. Whether he can actually do anything about it remains to be seen. There is a video on Facebook somewhere which has Patrick, Linda & I think Steve in it talking about Dallas. So let's just wait & see. :)
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    For Uk fans - ITV now

    There's just something about that ranch I love. Time to have a bourban & branch!
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    ABC of Dallas

    H - The only Duke from Hazzard to appear in Dallas was the late Denver Pyle as Blackie Callahan.
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    Who was the worst character ever in Dallas?

    The only real character I found insufferable was Priscilla Presley's version of Jenna Wade in season's nine, ten & beyond. She could've had a degree in selfishness & self interest. Her constant whinging bored me to tears. The character was there far too long & shouldn't have been paired off...
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    Well, you know I am Lucas Krebbs. And it was Mark Graison who got me out of that sanitarium & brought me to Northern Ireland. I live here now with my step mother Pam & her husband Mark Graison. Christopher her son joined us a few years ago & also has a new identity because of being targeted...
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    New Patrick Duffy Podcast

    I was not impressed by that interview. My opinion of him dropped considerably with his behaviour in that interview. He attempts to tarnish one of the most best loved characters of the show, Pam Ewing. I'm happy for him that he's found someone else after the death of his wife but my opinion of...
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    An alternate exit for Pam...?

    The Producers clung to the hope that Victoria would slink back in a years time the way Duffy had done. She didn't. That whole bandaged Pam storyline of season eleven whilst certainly being dramatic was a bit hard to swallow. It didn't do much for the character especially after she...
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    Powerful Statements From Dallas

    This one is so sad. :sad:
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    Did Pam inherit Mark’s money?

    She changed the name to Esso, I think. She still has it. ;)
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    Dallas Actors I Remember Mama and Barbara Bel Geddes 8.8.05

    She was a lovely actress. May she Rest In Peace.
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    What Type Of Dallas Series Do You Want To See Now?

    Has there been any more word about this now that the right's to Dallas have gone back to Time Warner? :)
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    Clayton - Too Bland To Fit Into Dallas

    He may have been married to Miss Ellie but it still wasn't his place to interfere. I think he felt threatened by the possibility that Wes was indeed Jock Ewing as borne out by his reaction to Jock's portrait at Southfork a few seasons earlier. No, I'd sell tickets! Who want's her...
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    Article about VP.

    Victoria keeps herself very much to herself these days. Have you checked the Ultimate Dallas website, there's audio interviews with the cast on there. :)
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    Why Weakening JR Wrecked Dallas

    They also missed a trick by not getting Barbara Bel Geddes back for the last few episodes. Miss Ellie should've arrived & given her son JR a strong talking to. Her return would've been great dramatically for the show. The Producers really did Barbara a disservice by only offering her a four...
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    Most Obvious Plot Hole In Dallas

    Yeah especially after the Donna Reed Miss Ellie debacle & the litigation from her in trying to shut the show down. The Jock Ewing Wes Parmalee storyline also ran into trouble too. Fans bombarded CBS & Lorimar with complaints when it leaked that Steve Forrest was going to be playing Jock Ewing...
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    Who was the worst character ever in Dallas?

    I'm surprised Peter Richards isn't on there! I loved him though as I was at the age where my awakening sexuality started to take notice of guys dressed, ahem I mean in a state of undress! One thing I will acknowledge for Dallas is that it helped me to come to terms with me being gay & I will...
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    Article about VP.

    You should check out YouTube. Her appearances on the Wogan show on BBC1 here in the UK were very memorable. Terry's interviews with her are on YT if you wanna check them out, she has an infectious laugh too. :)
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    How would the Ewings cope with Coronavirus?

    A pity he never sedated JR, that would've been worth watching! :)
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    How would the Ewings cope with Coronavirus?

    The biggest quack is this guy. He was an Executive Story Consultant on the Cyntax Dallas & responsible for giving Cidre the storyline a Ramos Will Die which she of course altered to suit her own ends.