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  1. Lois

    The inevitable has happened

    Any chance the baby trump balloon can be used as a baby boris? lol running away!
  2. Lois

    Amtrak Washington train crash: Deaths as carriages fall on US motorway

    Reports this morning indicate the train was going 80 mph on a section of track where the speed limit was 30 mph. Why?????
  3. Lois

    The Bold and the Beautiful Watching The Bold and the Beautiful

    I think there's a chance they'll find out sooner or later.:eck:
  4. Lois

    The Bold and the Beautiful Watching The Bold and the Beautiful

    I know! Love it! She's evil. (But supposed to be dead)! LOL! I really like the Thomas and Sally story. Something positive.
  5. Lois

    Monday Night Massacre: Trump fires acting Attorney General over refusal to defend refugee order

    Someone needs to 'splain to Trump the difference between being 'cough' elected 'cough' POTUS and dictator who throws temper tantrums. The Executive Office is one part of a three part government. :mo:
  6. Lois

    2017 is shaping up to be a good year already.

    I'm buying a house in Muskogee, Oklahoma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:spinning::danc: So happy to be moving there, near some family.:giddy: Packing is my new hobby! lol
  7. Lois

    Dog mauls owners who tried to put it in a sweater...

    Dog sweaters in Tampa?!:eek:
  8. Lois

    Erratic forum performance.

    Tuesday morning I got an error message that the domain name had expired and was pending renewal. I kept getting that message all day. Glad you're back!
  9. Lois

    I think I got a job today

    Wishing you good luck and happiness!:D
  10. Lois

    Materialistic things that you can't live without...

    indoor plumbing and electricity. I have lived without both :eck: .
  11. Lois

    What scares you?

    I fear car crashes although I have never been in a serious one. Also, being a victim of a crime, all snakes and heights. I can't even look at pictures of those crazy people that climb everything. :eck: I'm not afraid of spiders I just kill them. I have a scar on my face from a spider bite I...
  12. Lois

    Would you survive a horror movie?

    I took the quiz again and got all 7 right. The result about surviving and Captain Sensible appeared. lol Don't think I'll find myself watching any horror flicks though! :hallow:
  13. Lois

    Would you survive a horror movie?

    No. lol I took the poll again and got 5 out of 7 answers right. I clicked on the answer boxes one by one afterwards and it told me my answer was correct or wrong. Nothing came on the screen telling me anything like I'm dead, survivor, badly mangled, etc. lol
  14. Lois

    Would you survive a horror movie?

    I don't like horror! lol I took the poll and got 5 out of 7. Don't know if that means I survive or not.:confused:
  15. Lois

    Do you get many trick or treaters where you live?

    I live alone and do not answer the door. Mexican wrestler masks are popular around here but scare me the way clowns scare some people.:hiding:
  16. Lois

    How many languages do you speak or understand?

    Just English here. I took Spanish and French in school but have forgotten all of it!:oops:
  17. Lois

    Which door will you open?

  18. Lois

    Foods That You Dislike

    Anchovies Organs Chinese food Indian food Pork Lamb Squid and Octopus raw meat or fish Tofu wild game
  19. Lois

    What phone do you have/want/have had?

    I have an iPhone 6 and love it. Before that, a Motorola flip phone and before that don't remember.:D
  20. Lois


    I say do it if it makes you feel better and the doctor agrees to it.:yep: